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Now in stock Inokatsu range of products

Amazing quality steel and real wood kits and complete guns


-IK-AEG-M60VN Inokatsu M60VNCG Full Gun £1,000.00

-IK-AEG-M60VNS Inokatsu M60VNCG Steel Version Full £1,200.00

-IK-AEG-MK43 Inokatsu MK43CG Full Gun £900.00

-IK-MAG-DTYPE Inokatsu M21 D Type magazine £60.00

-IK-KIT-AKM Inokatsu AKM Kit 2 + AK74 Kit 2 £320.00

-IK-KIT-RPK-Ful Inokatsu RPK Kit £360.00

-IK-KIT-AK74S-F Inokatsu AK74S kits £320.00

-IK-KIT-AK-04 Inokatsu AK-04 RPK Conversion kit £150.00

-IK-KIT-AK-05 Inokatsu AK-05 wooden kit £85.00

-IK-KIT-AK-06 Inokatsu AK-06 AK56 Conversiopn kit £110.00

-IK-KIT-Galil Inokatsu ARM Kit Galil ARM Kit £700.00

-IK-KIT-AIMS Inokatsu AIMS Kit £500.00

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