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KART M14 misfiring

The Saint

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I've been working a friend's inoperative KART M14, replacing a stripped piston. Before it came to me, it was having issues with jamming and firing 2 or more BBs per shot.


I've since then replaced the piston, spring guide, a MIA anti-reversal latch spring and nozzle. Plus I've chopped the spring, relubed and reshimmed the whole thing and reset the motor height. I've also half-way rebuilt the hopup, replacing the ###### stock bucking with a mod'd aftermarket one and replacing a MIA hopup unit spring.


The gun's shooting now, but it's still firing exactly 2 BBs per semi-shot unless I load only a single BB. Does anyone have any idea as to what's wrong and how to fix this?

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I had a similar problem with my SA80 that would allways double feed because the ARl was jammed.



One last sujestion, is the mounting for the hop unit (or shock horror, the gearbox) holding the gearbox and hop unit tightly together, if they are too far apart then that may cause a problem


good luck

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