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Access to Sales forums...

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As I think that those affected have had their opportunity to make valid criticism or childish whining, and all sensible concerns raised have been addressed and responded, I think I'll close this now, to end the illusion that this is an 'experiment', rather than the new system.


If anyone has any queries / concerns left unaddressed to contact me, and I'll try to tackle them as diplomatically as I concern. Alternatively if you wish to post me abuse as I see Rhino and Pablo have been receiving, please feel free and I'll be happy to wipe an obligitary tear of laughter away from you. :)


At the end of the day folks, no-one likes change, and any change we make here will always garner criticism. However, as the many who asked for such a change outweigh those who have complained, and as scamming and fraudulent sales reports have all but ceased in the time being, it is highly improbable that such changers will be reverted.


Ultimately, as this is a free service, I recognise that you are all under no commitment to use this forum, and I am sure if you are not happy you will go elsewhere. At the end of the day, if you are so dissapointed with such a change then I see no need to have this discussion. Simply go elsewhere and do not post here any longer. It's the most sensible and painless solution for all concerned.


Thanks. :)


Rhino: Just like to make a quick Edit...


A lot of members with over 100 posts are having trouble accessing the sales forums and so the new ruling has been edited to include how to access.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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