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ORH's Massive Review-a-Palooza

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Oh, poo :(


I popped a MAG 50 rounder into the MP7 today and lined it up to fire, and....




...nothing hits the target. The bbs weren't feeding. I suspected that it had developed the mag catch problem described in the other MP7 review. Upon opening it up...yep, I was right. The Galaxy MP7 mags work fine, but my 10 MAG ones are now useless. I might try to make a new one or mod the old one, but I'm pretty p.o'ed right now. Knock the rating from a 9.5 to a 7.5. I'll PM pablo about editing the original post. As of now, the BE is probably the best for a skirmish weapon. Externals aren't too much lower than Galaxy, and performance comes pretty close.


EDIT: The A&K M249 is a total sack of *beep*. I was firing it a bit more today (M100, IB 9.6v 1400mah, 900-950 RPM on the better battery) and it totally ceased up. I opened it up, and the shimming was so bad that it ground pieces out of the gearbox shell and some apparently got caught between the gears and other parts and jammed the whole thing up. I'm really looking for a camera now so I can get a pic of this, because this is totally unexcusable for any gun. On a good note, it ground off some of the blatant deformities in the gears. Seriously, don't buy one of these. I don't care how badly you want an M249, the CA is more than worth the extra cost.

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If that didn't completely avoid the point of these reviews, I would have. To get to the point, I didn't buy these with intent to use them heavily. 90% of the reason was to collect, and 10% was to review for you guys. The point of these was to report how the gun is OUT OF THE BOX. This means no modifications other than re-lubing if it's bone dry or cleaning the barrel. Shimming is not included. If I wanted to make the gun ready for a skirmish, I would have replaced half the gearbox.

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