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Am i the only one suffering from jamming issues?


I've cleaned and oiled everything (barrel, hop etc) but it repeatedly jams on both full auto and semi auto.


It's like they're rubbish bb's in a tight bore, they just keep getting stuck, but i'm using quality .25's.


Anyone got any ideas?

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Hello Guys,


at first I wanna thank all of you for the infos you've posted yet.

I really fell in love with the look of the M14 EBR and cant wait till the Kart is available here in Germany.


But I have a question: How is the overall quality of the Gearbox? I mean... around 330fps are nice but from my point of view not appropriate to a copy of a realsteel 7,62mm rifle.

Dont get me wrong, I'm not the "power junkie" but I feel it woud be nice to get a bit more out of the gun so that you can really use it as a DMR...


And the question is if the Gearbox would break if I did a M120-130 Tuning... I heard that the TM Gearbox wouldn't be perfect for higher tunings (compared to the G&G Gearbox type...).


Does somebody have some infos about that? would be great :)


Greetings from rainy Germany ;)

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I just recieved my Echo 1/kart EBR and I bought five KA 110 round midcaps, the problem isn't with the gun itself not feeding "Although it won't feed that well on full auto with the mags that come with it" but the KA mags tend to double ball "one ball gets stuck next to the other" and so far that's the only problem I've had with them.



Anyone know how to stop the jamming inside the magazine?


Edit: I'd also like to know if there is a rail to go underneath instead of the plastic foregrip, like chas is talking about.

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My KART M14 EBR ate up the cut-off lever. Or, this is what I suspect. EBR will only shoot full auto at this moment.

I will change the cut-off lever. But before I can do that, I want to know what is the correct version lever which I will buy.

Please advise, thank you.





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I have the same concern as MEU Chicago, how well does it fit for higher upgrades? Has anyone yet tried to upgrade it for real DMR use, up to like 450 - 500 fps or is it just not possible without replacing the whole gearbox and it's content?

I love the m14 rifle and the EBR mod is just perfect, but without the right power you can't really get use of it's potential.

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