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Kart M668 EBR (M14)

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well we will start with pictures as everyone loves pictures.




The Kart M668 EBR is a copy of the real steel M14 Enhanced battle rifle(EBR). It is nearly all metal, the only parts that are plastic are the foregrip, pistol grip, cheek piece and a rubber butt cap.

Now before I continue heed this warning *it's not light!!!!!*

I can't stress this enough. The EBR is a very heavy AEG. It is really suited to the role of either suppressing fire or as a sniper rifle. trust me you do not want to be skirmishing with this all day unless you have arms like arnie.

The reason for the weight is because it is nearly completely full metal. Kart have done an excellent job with this AEG. The craftmanship coming out of china right now is fantastic. Gone are the days of cheap plastic AEG's from china with the Kalash and now the EBR things are looking up for us airsofters.

Ok time for some more pictures. the following are a selection of up close pictures of the EBR.









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Ok well I decided to field strip the EBR and have a bit of a poke around. The following pictures show the EBR in bits.


the top rail which is a really good cast bit of metal.


the front side rail which again is well cast.


the pistol grip


the front assembly


the gearbox


the gearbox uses nylon bushings.


to adjust the height of the stock you move this lever




I chrono'd the Kart EBR at 330FPS and the rate of fire is not massive however I think it can be improved by changing the wiring and probably the motor as well.

I tried TM locaps and Hicaps and they both worked very well in the Kart. I tried a couple of king arms hicaps as well but these didn't feed so well however these had been modded so mosy likely brand new king arms hicaps would work fine.

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the battery fits in the front foregrip.


the hop is adjusted like all the other M14's on the market right now.


the kart comes with a little rail for adding a scope.



The only thing that i can find wrong with the EBR is that there is a gap between the lower reciever and the upper reciever. it's not really a problem but looks a bit unsitely.



Ok well thats pretty much the facts about the Kart EBR now it's time to give you all my opinion.

This AEg is a fantastic AEG. I can't believe you get so much AEG for so little money. Ok it's heavy but that shouldn't distract from the fact that Kart have pulled a rabbit out the bag eith this one. to be honest I wasn't expecting much from this but WOW! what a great AEG.


I will leave you all with a couple of more pictures. enjoy!




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Nice one! Did you solve the hop up problem? Is it just the screw/pin that is too short?


And did you encounter any problems putting it back together. Darklite from Hong Kong reported some guys broke their chassis when they tried putting it together again. :?


the hop seems fine on mine however i will check it out and yep it is a *badgeress* to strip. I felt like I had done 12 rounds with tyson once i got it back together.


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Friend with a full metal m4+grenade launcher on front moaned it was heavy-think it weighs about 10-11lbs, and yes it is front heavy but at least having an adjustable *albatross* end means you can get it balanced ish...

Probably not for the chicken armed out there... :P




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I was about to get one from allizard on traders and when i stated i was thirteen he said this gun is really heavy i don't think this is the one for you. So i just baught a G&G full metal M4 and i am so happy i did cause i was at a skirmish recently and my freind just got this and a 20 mins into the game he started complaining about how heavy it was and asked if i wanted to switch with him for a little bit ie. 2hrs and oh dear god after that when he gave me my M4 back it felt like a plastic bodied M4 man that was one *beep* of a work out.

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