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FireFox Throat mics back in stock

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FireFox Throat mics back in stock


Paintball throat mics (DUE JUST BEFORE XMAS)


Ear hooks for Paintball throat mics £3.00 IN STOCK


Commando throat mics are £32.00 IN STOCK


Extreme throat mics (END OF LIFE PRODUCT)


Splitters are £6.50 IN STOCK


Extra ppt are £10.00 IN STOCK


FireFox Fox Sox are £10.00 IN STOCK








Go here to see it




Model: FF-V

Type: Individual Throat Mic System

Division: motorsports

Push to Talk: 5' Weatherproof Finger PTT

Speaker: Interchangeable 3.5mm plug with dual speakers

Contents: Single throat mic, extension, dual speaker accessory

headset, and 5' weatherproof Finger PTT


The new Vanquish Whisper Mic is a COMPLETE upgrade from the Extreme model that it is replacing. The Vanquish has a new generation transponder that requires only one mic for enhanced quality voice transmission. The new extension, which comes with the Vanquish, allows the mic to fit any neck size. These improvements keep the mic secure for the best sound transmission no matter how rugged the activity.


The Vanquish comes with two small speakers with silicone tips that fit inside the ear. These speakers are so loud and are of such a design that they may be used without a helmet. If you have some speakers you like, or have helmet speakers, just plug them into the standard audio jack build into the Vanquish. The Vanquish comes with the coiled Waterproof PTT (Push-To-Talk) button that may be extend up to five feet.

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