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Marushin 8mm 1911 TRP


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grips can be changed for marui ones.. almost.. :)

and it seems a few other things could be as well.

I didn't have my hands on one to pull it completely apart.. and it was about 5months ago?? sorry.


it felt nice.. a bit plasticky.. but nice.. :)

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From what I've heart it's almost full plastic and like snowman said it has poor power in 8MM form.


It think these were not bestsellers because they came out between or short after ksc and marui 1911's.


Maybe you can ask the owner of this youtube movie


I'll hope for you the gun shoots better than what I read somewhere.



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The ld2 hop system basically adds a 2nd hop into the gun. Basically it screws the accuracy of the gun in a BIG way. This has been reported on the DE they did with it and I can verify the same on the FN 5-7 I had.


I can't stress enough to not buy a guy of theirs with the LD2 system on it.

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