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Pictures of your latest non-airsoft aquisitions

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well i was thinking of gettin a 24 seven rig but i found that and was like if im gonna do it might as well go all the way lol. yeh i love the fox's ! i dont think they are heavy at all really. my bro has a stab deulux with 888s on and that feels a bit more nimble but the gt just eats up massive drops and jumps which suits me just fine :D the only thing i dont like is that its got a grip shift and that cant be changed but once im on a run i tend to get it in a gear and just leave it there as the ratios are really long. im hoping to take it to les deux alps this summer for a good thrashing!

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well, since i am in the middle of remodeling my house, all of my non-airsoft aquisitions have been house related (i have been at Home Depot at least once a day everyday for the past two and a half weeks straight):


prefinished solid hand scraped hardwood:



job site radio (only part one of two packages. i have a 5 piece 28 volt cordless set that was supposed to be delivered on the same day but got loaded on the wrong truck :( ):


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So after a long day at school, I come home to see the FedEx guy left something at my house



Seiba seemed pretty excited



Well, lets open it up



OH SHI- Stormtrooper amor =D


Since I get out of school in about a we, I will probably make a thread recording my progress in the construction of this suit.

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i forgot that happens when you delete photobucket pics. oh well, i got some of my actual car now, afer a quick cold water and old t-shirt washdown, might get the polish out tomorrow.










the car was a bargain, after rummaging through the car, i found pretty much all the carpet pieces i need. which eliminates one of the 5 jobs i need to do to make this car show-worthy. bonus.

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well it seem Stay Alert has a new flavour....




Artic Mint - it does lack the chemical burn effect of cinamon :)


But "What good is one pack of stay alert?" I hear some of you say.


She brought friends :)







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My new toy for the long commutes to Tokyo.


PSP 2000 slim and light Piano Black:




Decided to customise it:




Realised that i had invalidated the warranty so decided to go one step further!




Running 3.90 M33-3 :D



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You'll have to explain that to me mate, I've got a PSP Slim n Lite and was wondering about all this homebrew nonsense. I haven't got my USB cable on me atm though.



Best take that one to PM's Doc.


I have a document i wrote for 2 of the guys at work whose PSP i did the Pandora hack to, it pretty much explains what and how it all works.

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