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Pictures of your latest non-airsoft aquisitions

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I have very generous friends.


Aw sweet, a 7!


I'm a bit of a FC fanboy myself, tough. Unique things, they are.

I've read so much on rotaries and know a lot about taking care of them, but I never owned one or found the right one...


Take care of it and it'll last!



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400watts minimum.


600watts maximum (800 to run in SLi mode)




Infact, it needs its own power lead, just to power it :D


Those are recommendations for the whole comp. The graphic card probably doesnt need more than 250 while under load.

Also, most PCI-E cards needs to be connected with an extra power lead due to the PCI-E bus not being able to provide more than 100W.



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I don't actually play any system but I am looking at a few. I have friends who do Lorien Trust and Maelstrom looks like fun too.


The craftsmanship is second to none, you can't see it too well but it has a tri-fullered blade, it's actually one of a kind and the whole lot cost me £206.02 including shipping.


Jack, if you're interested I'm setting up a unit to take to a few systems. I can email you the info, just shoot me a PM.

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