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Pictures of your latest non-airsoft aquisitions

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No real theme to the purchases, just finally gave in to getting them.


City Legos (because every city needs a crane, street sweeper, and gas station)



Long-haired hamster and cage. Still a youngin (hamster is up in the top left bubble)



Guess what this is :P



And just for fun, my holloween costume.


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My latest non AS acquisition (didnt last long though :()


1 x 308 gram 21 Day Matured Fillet Steak (medium-medium rare)

1 x Portion of Ridged beer battered Chips

1 x Portion of Broccoli & Garden Peas

1 x Portion of Pepper Sauce

1 x Pint of Coca Cola









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If I had been you I would have gotten a more solid mobo with all the money in your GFX, maybe some corsair RAM too. Any overclocking?

the motherboard is fine tyvm. it has 6 phase power regulation and an excellent BIOS. aside from that it has everything i want and nothing i don't want.

i COULD have gotten corsair ram, but for the same price, the corsair ram would have been 5-5-5-16 instead of 4-4-4-12 for the OCZ. the OCZ also looks better (not that you can see it :P)


with the ease of overclocking on the CORE architecture, it would be a sin NOT to overclock it. the Q6600 is at 3GHz on stock volts without a degree of heat increase.

the 8800GTX is OC'd to Ultra levels.

because the ram is on tight timings, its at its default 200MHz

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