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Pictures of your latest non-airsoft aquisitions

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Entertainment center from heaven...


I remember when my little sister got an N64- the controllers are horrid, but some of the games are pretty epic, as with the SNES as PS1... *fond childhood memories come rushing back....*


I just got some new wheel hexes for my Tamiya Madbull- £9 for a pair, silly Japanese engineers insisted on using splines instead of the normal cross-pin method of attaching them, hence very rare and expensive, never mind, all good fun :D

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New toys! :D Bought an Atomic ELE12 with a half melted voice coil a few weeks ago for £30. Used it til it smelled nasty and made smoke, then sent it off to be reconed with Fi BL parts for £110 :) It's prettier now, and shouldn't make smoke... Also made it a new 2cuft home









(set up on mah bed to test) The neighbors will confirm it's working :lol:



Brother got his two done at the same time as they were on the way out

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They're all fancy rats :bleh:


You may find he outgrows his skunk stripe as he gets older, and just leaves the lovely hood - but you can never really tell 100%!


They make such amazing pets - the g/f is addicted to them :lol:


Gz on the ratty though.





He's now pretty much gone one colour. His silver hooding is barely visible anymore, though that me be because he needs a wash lol


He has good fun scaring the cat though,

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My name is Lee, and I'm an addict....








Husker (the brown) and Helo (the grey hooded)


Just going through the motions of introducing these two boys to Tau. Helo and Tau are fine, Husker can't seem to understand that he cannot challenge the big fat adult rat and win at the mo lol

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