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Pictures of your latest non-airsoft aquisitions

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Some stuff I got for my birthday...




War is a Force that Gives us Meaning

The Road

A Confederacy of Dunces

British Gun Engraving

No Country for Old Men

We Were One

Crime & Punishment

The Savage Detectives

The Fighting 69th (the author lives a few miles from my house)

Across the Universe

Children of Men

A Hard Day's Night


Not pictured: Rock Band, money and a giant cake.

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I've recently taken up guitar to try and help with my all round musical knowledge as I've been playing drums for about 9 years now so I got myself one of these babies:




Epiphone SG 400 series


By all means not a massively expensive guitar but I love it all the same :D

Fine choice sir, fine fine choice. I've had mine for over a year now, of the 2 years I've been playing. and she's still going strong, mine is the mat cherry finish though which is pretty different (and dosen't get fingerprints all over it ;) )


But since I am an SG lover I am looking to someday buy a Gibson SG Cherry or Ebony. Haven't decided whether it would be the 61/2 reissue or the standard though.

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Why do people get so much stuff on their birthdays?


My last birthday I only got this golden nugget of conversation:


Me: Morning.

Mum: Morning.

Dad: Is there something important we were supposed to remember today?

Mum: Tax return?

Dad: Oh, yeah. F**king forms.

Mum: Could you get us both a cup of tea, DarkLite? And a slice of toast with marmite on it for your dad.




Mum: Oh, we forgot your birthday.

Me: That was six days ago.

Mum: Sorry, we were doing the tax return.



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I'm 30, from the time I was 12 to now my entire family has forgotten my birthday 11 times, I will update here if they forget my next one (coming soon).

The only person that remembers is my wife and (ironically) her mum, this year I got a real steel speedfeed stock for my Tanaka shotgun from my wife (two months early so I won't get anything on my birthday) that was the best thing I ever got.


I don't understand though, I always remember theirs, I got my brother a hl headcrab hat for his this year (awesome since he wears a labcoat for work).

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just bought one of these, in blue, for £90. needs around £40's worth of work doing to it to get it through its MOT, which i get at trade price anyway, BARGAIN!


also just bought two Skean Dubh blades to make into Skean Dubh's for me and my best man at my wedding. Ebony handle definately, as bog oak is expensive, hard to get, hard to work on, and expensive, and with an umbrella corp. logo inlay, i'm thinking...

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just got my new watch through. nothing fancy or uber-l33t, just a nice watch for a decent price, seen as the one i was using started to turn my arm green lol. very ncie watch, couple of nice features, removed a couple of links and it fits perfectly. see through back is a nice touch, and its waterproof, and the second hand is sweeping, which is pretty smart looking. im chuffed, 27 quid posted.







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