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i have a ton of knives. i have a master tanto (more of a drop point now, it's been sharpened so manyt imes), another one that has inlaid pictures of an eagle on stone (got it when i got the eagle rank of boy scouts), some no-name knife with a wickedly downward-curved blade and barb, some no-name regular knife, and a bunch of others. they're all locking folders.

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I had a 1st production run Gerber multitool, which I've had for 15 years until about 2 weeks ago when some scumbag sh1thead decided to steal it from me.


I'm working in a country where people are earning $30 a month and I'm safe to leave gear in my room without worrying it'll be stolen.

I'm working with people who are earning up to $1000 a day any THEY are the f**king lowlife, sticky fingered toejam scumbags who see fit to steal from people they are working with!!!111


Am I happy? No.


The worst part is that the w@nker who's robbed it (stupid runty big-nosed geordie cock that you are) probably has no idea of it's significance or value.



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knives... oh my...


A bunch of small pocket knives... more than I care to count, not worth much except for sentimental value. I usually carry a small Schrade knife back home, comes in handy every now and then..


I have some knockoff multi-tool, really flimsy..


I have a Gerber multi-tool I picked up 4 years ago. I absolutely love it and it won't leave my side at all this summer.. well except going through the airport..


I have a folding lockback hunting knife with a 4 inch heavy blade, an absolute pain to sharpen


I have a personally engraved decorative knife from Kauhauva Finland with a Birchwood handle and a leather sheath...


I'm also going to pick up a Gerber para-frame fine-edge blade before I head to Alabama this summer too

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I did have a Lee Enfield No.4 mk 2 bayonet but that had to go when my girlfriend found it in my room. But im looking at getting an SA80 infantry version bayonet now :D


Hmmm i have three average swiss rmy knives a multitool i managed to swap for on exercise. None of these are by decent brands though, but they do the job lol.

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Carl Schliefer (SP?) survival knife, used to live on my webbing now consigned to the bottom of my tool box. Cold Steel Kobun Tanto, sharp as heck and very rigid, Cold Steel Pro-lite Tanto point serrated folder, a grat pocket knife. Somewhere in the garage is my Sykes-Fairbairn Commando pattern dagger, useless for anything other than stabbing.

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The usual ###### bought back from spain,

a 6" Survival knife with the catapult in the scabbard (yeah...I know),

5" lockback folder resharpened so many times the point is 1/4" below where it began,

£3 gerber-copy all stainless liner lock

Spyderco Delica serrated

Syderco Delica plain- my work knife.


If you are looking for a use-it-every-day folder I can heartily reccomend anything by Spyderco- totally awesome.


Wish list:

CRKT M16 Desert Tactical tanto folder.

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Ive got a ferocious table knife somewhere :bounce: lol










UK issue machete

"normal" swiss army knife

Infantry bayonet


Some obscure little tiny flick out knife thats worryingly sharp

Scuba diving knife for ermm...diving?

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:rules: Sorry guys, but I'm going to have to be the trademark miserable git and question why we're discussing ownership of objects that are potentially illegal in the UK(I think it's 3 inch or longer blades... bit rusty on the legislation), when the moderators (including you Enzo, forshame :P) have all on maintaining airsoft limits within that interpreted legal limit of 328fps...


But then I'm a re-enactor who still has an (admittedly pathetic now) collection of foils, crappy alloy blade katanas, and an amusingly sharp indian cavalry sabre. So I won't. :innocent:

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Back in Alaska I have an M1 Garand bayonet, the ring has been cut off though, has a hell of a stench to it as well. I also got an AKM Type I bayonet with the scabbard no belt loop though, a 4-inch stainless Balisong with blue marbelized handle.


Here in California I had a black handled 4-inch carbonsteel Balisong, had a grey wood handled pocket knife, and now currently have a black Remington sportsman series II limited edition pocket knife.

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Push-knives are apparently illegal in the UK, and it says so on the Cold Steel web-site.


However, they also make THESE, including a push-knife variant. There's no warning about them being illegal anywhere, and they're cheap as chips. Since they're not actually metal (but they're still sharp as hell), are they exempt from UK law or something? I'd love one to finish off my kit, but if they're illegal then obviously that's not a good idea.




EDIT: Why the hell do Cold Steel make THESE...? :blink:

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