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Lansky's good for reprofiling the blade, and the Spyderco's good for touch-ups. If your knife is one of those wonder-steels (D2, S30V, S90v, INFI, etc), then you should invest in some diamond stones for what ever sharpening system you have. I have an edge pro, but it's a bit of a pain to sharpen recurves.

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I have a question it's a bit noobish but I have no experience when it comes to knives. Are lock knives illegal in the UK?


No, lock knives are legal to own but not to carry in public.. Automatic knives are illegal tho.. ie one that deploys via pressing a button or similar


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r.ocelot..is that an original Emerson? or a clone?

Original, back when their liners (both sides) were still made from Ti. Grooved the G-10 myself with a dremel.



I think so too, with my MTs, I gotta take it out of my pocket, and push a button (and disengage the safety, if I'm carrying my Exodus). The wave lets me open the knife while taking it out of the pocket :D

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I see your Lone Survivor, and raise you a One Bullet Away.


My trusty Gerber FAST. I swear by that knife...


My new Kershaw. I absolutely hate it. Every Kershaw knife I've bought, has all these great features, then one thing kills it all. My last one, the blade wouldn't just 'pop out' with assisted opening. This one, takes hydraulic pliers to pull from being clipped to a pants' pocket. I'll be returning this one some time soon. I also found Kershaw knives are very sharp...


A bunch of Advil and three stitches. Wooh, fun. I was cutting a piece of plastic from a new fishing pole, and held my left hand, stupidly, in front of the knife. The plastic broke, and the knife went about an inch into my finger. Smart me!

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