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Nice F1.


Fällkniven knives are probably the best production bushcraft knives after Bark Rivers. :)


And so I don't spam, here's my daily EDCs.




Leatherman Juice CS4 (it has a blade so it counts :P)

Spyderco Ladybug

Benchmade Doug Ritter Mini-Griptilian

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Emerson Commander is a varied product.


To be blunt the QC is rubbish. I have handled possibly 50 Emerson knives in person and not one of them was right.


Most often you have blade centering issues, liner lock movement and pocket knife walk and talk.


Many have failed a simple but firm spine tap on a book. Nothing excessive, just a firm tap and the blade fails after the first couple of taps. They are cool looking knives though and the wave is a very nice feature that in no way makes the knife illegal.


The thing that is currently being focused on by HMCE is gravity opening.


Benchmade knives in particular are failing this test. If you order any knife from over sea's, make sure if it has an adjustable pivot screw that this is tightened to the point where it is difficult to open the knife.


IMHO a much superiour knife to anything Emerson make is the Spyderco Manix. Thats a heck of a knife.


In a fixed blade I have a Bark River Bravo 1 attached to my PLCE webbing set.


Here is a pic of one of my fav knives.


Anso fixed blade (custom knife) RWL-34 stainless steel.


Also a knife I made myself with the help of a good friend of mine Trond. Thats in the Scandi general style, but its a longer blade than normal. Its full flat ground which is also unusual. Its laminated steel with an O1 core of high carbon, wrapped in Iron. This is a traditional hand forged blade, the forging was done by me and the finishing and handle by Trond. There are a few stress cracks in the blade, but nothing to stop this blade being fully functional.


I am considered to be something of an authority where knives are considered. Not blowing my own trumpet, but if anyone has any knife releated questions let me know. I was a Mod on Britishblades for a few years and am a Mod on Jerzeedevil. Both very well regarded knife forums. I am still a regular on both forums. Same forum name of course.


I own quite a few custom knives as well as some Randal knives. My fav folders are the Chris Reeve Sebenza folders and anything by Spyderco.




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This knife was flawed when I got it. The blade had major pivot side-to-side movement and it chipped easily.

Only the edge chipped, though. Probably got to hot when it was sharpened.


Anyway, I decided to see what it could take so I put it in a vice and started bending...

Here's the result:







Please excuse the slightly blurry pics, the camera I'm currently using is *suitcase*.

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Well it's got a blade in it (someplace):




Also with my cheap (but pretty bright) LED flashlight and Zippo butane propane lighter, neither of which I carry as often as my Swiss Tool but I still usually have them.


I had to walk through a metal detector once. It was slightly reminiscent of that one scene in The Matrix. :P

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Nice Seb! About time someone posted a pic of one. :)


Planning on getting one of these meself, but it's probably going to be a much more luxurious. one. If I can save enough cash that is. <_<

That Brock looks very nice aswell, any idea where I might find one?


And so I don't spam, pics of my new 930 Kulgera.












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