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Got my Fox 599 Karambit and Training knife today from the ulitmate knife after having to wait for about 3 months.

Already started flipping with the trainer and its so fun and nice, my fingers are a bit beat up for having spinning the knife for hours.


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So many nice knives, I'm overloaded.


I really need to get myself a good knife just for having round the house, the couple I've got at the moment are either cheap *suitcase* or showing their age.


Should probably look at getting a UK legal EDC knife but on that front it seems Spyderco is pretty much the only way to go for quality and I'm not really convinced by the style of their smaller knives, lack of grip and so on. That said they aren't thaaat expensive so I might pick one up to see if I'm wrong.

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I have one of these and I like it.  Maybe worth a look




There is EDC carry still.  From the gov.uk site


It is illegal to:

  • carry a knife in public without good reason - unless it’s a knife with a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less, eg a Swiss Army knife
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Try explaining that to a beat bobby.



i have had to explain the difference to the police a couple of times when they were concerned i was carrying a locking knife, once they understood that it wasnt a locking knife i was free to go and that was that. on one occasion one of the officers did take quite a lot of convincing though and it was only his colleague who kept pointing out that if the knife didnt lock open and the blade was under 3 inches then it was fine.


on at least one other occasion i can remember the officer arrived and promptly gave me my knife back and declared it 'perfectly legal to carry' much to the annoyance of the irksome security who had been assuring me of my imminent arrest. that was at the london eye and i had voluntarily handed it in and was coming back to collect it. security=*fruitcage*wits and the copper had it spot on.


the uk legal knives in question were either a spyderco pride at the london eye or byrd wings slipit on the other occasions.


i have also many times carried locking blades or fixed blades perfectly legally because of the nature of the activity i was engaged in at the time, oddly enough i have never been challenged by the police in these situations but would have been happy to account for my tools if challenged.

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as well as those knives mentioned before i have a spyderco ukpk g10 'design team' which i used to edc but no longer do for fear of losing it


i have a benchmade axis mini griptilian pre-production (each individually numbered), thats about 14 years old now and still goin strong, was also edc'd for a few years and while nothing special it's still pretty sweet for a mid range knife. the axis lock is great and imo everyone should own at least one


also have a kershaw scallion ao which is fun for occasional 'show and tell'


have a couple of spyderco bugs and honeybees on keyrings, really handy little knives and great to take/use in places where ppl are really not very knife friendly but it is still ok to have a knife on you.


and a couple of byrd knifes mainly beacuse i really like spyderco products but cant always afford the $$ for a new toy, eg i have a meadowlark 2 rescue which was about £18 when i bought it compared to the £50 that an almost identical spyderco rescue junior would have cost.

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