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Ok since no one seems to want to play recognition game; the models were


CRKT m21 Kit Carson design

Emerson CQC-4K

Kershaw OSO sweet


M21 is really sturdy for a folder even though the safety lever lockup takes some getting used to had to loosen and then loctite the pivotscrew for a smooth opening


The CQC is just a really good folder w the patented Emerson WAVE opening it is fast deployed


The OSO sweet is a cheap little bugger with lightning fast opening that I could play with the whole day

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More Custom clones


Kingdom Armory co clone


5" tumbled drop spear point blade

Full tang carved black green G10 grips


Medford knife & Tool co

Praetorian G

3.3/4" tumbled D2 Tanto blade

Framelock folder black G10 scale


Chaves American made knives


3.1/4" 2-tone DLC D2 blade

Framelock folder Stonewashed Ti


GTC Gustavo Tome Cecchini Brazil


4" cpm 154cm multiground blade

Framelock flipper matte Ti








Borka Blades

Stitch black

3.5" m390 clip point blade stone wash ti frame flipper


Microtech Marfione Munroe

Sigil mk6

3.5" Elmax blade

Framelock flipper Ti frame







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Besides the Medford which is lesser quality all are high quality steel well built midtech folders.


I mainly bought mine from Samier a well reputed clone maker from Hong Kong.


But DHgate or AliExpress or Hong Kong knives on FB all have lots of knives

But there is also a shi*^%load of c%#p out there.

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First one a clone the rest are the real McCoy.


1 Spyderco Rubicon clone

Actually not really a clone but a Chinese domestic design with a lot smoother action than the real one which is quite different


2 Spyderco Tenacious

Strong workhorse which you don't have to worry about when you use it


3 Spyderco paramilitary black

A classic tactical folder


4 Spyderco civilian

A ferocious scary folder which require a lot of getting use too before wielding it about. Developed from the Matriarch model especially for LA plain clothes detectives that needed a backup knife.

It can be used to grapple, hook cut and slice in the same movement a d is quite a deterrent.



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I once bought a clone from there. Was labeled and sold as S35VN (with matching pricetag). I'm pretty sure it was 9cr13mov or some ######. Definitely didn't hold an edge like it should. So yeah, like all chinese products: what they claim the steel to be is also a huge maybe, maybe not. The Kevin John stuff is decent though.

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Tactical folders continued


Fox knives

479 Folding karambit

3" black N690 blade w Emerson wave

Linerlock folder

Black g10 scales


Emerson wave function / Karambit hawkbill blade w fighting knuckle ring


Zero tolerance knives


3.1/4" CPM crucial S30v blade with Tungsten DLC coating

Assisted opening linerlock folder

Textured black G10 scales


Just a brilliant award winning tactical folder. Helped create the ZT brand

Designed by legendary Ken Onion

Really light in the pocket but truly strong and a fat blade at that

One of my personal favourites



8016 Ceramic folder

3.1/4" ceramic Damascus style blade


Twill Carbon fibre handle


Extremely light ceramic blade which I never really came around to use or like that much...



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Awesome. Never had any knives shipping in from abroad. Is there ever a customs problem?

I've not had any issues in the UK. I also have a matriarch, a clone though. It's a very scary blade.


As said, be wary of steels, they are definitely not what they claimed be...

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Justification? It is a beautiful ornament for any garage or toolbox


I have a real U.S. M6 bayonet from the Korean War that sits flush on my Marushin m2 carbine.


I also could not resist the SOG Agency tribute to CIA operatives in Vietnam series MaCv-sog knives. The black DLC coating is a breath taker.




Always liked the traditional fighting knives but if I had a lot of money I would get a Randall model 1 the original fighter.

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You could buy a knife for coolness factor alone. Or at least I do.


But if you need a knife you usually don't need to spend a lot to get a good one.

Is it for outdoors use? Fishing hunting camping carpenting? Just bushcraft?

I am assuming it is not EDC or self Defense.


Best allround knife all categories imho is the Mora knife you just cannot beat that quality for that sum.


I am not that fond of the Glock knife. Is it perhaps a knife for a impression in airsoft?

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Speaking of bushcraft




Bark River Necker II 3v steel blade black linen Micarta scales with LF custom leather sheath and LightMyFire military firesteel


Left to right


Xest custom Dagger Damascus Bowie with brass guard bone bocote ebony handle


Sami puuko antique knife 1800s


Custom Handmade knife with folding Guard aluminium bolster Forged carbon steel scandi ground blade burl wood handle with birch spacer



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Just buy knives.


No reason needed. Buy knives.


Like a picture of a knife? Buy it. Think you may use a knife once in your whole life? Buy it. Think if you'll buy a knife and never end up using it? Buy it anyway.


Knives are awesome and everyone should buy as many as possible.

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Gonna keep bombing this thread until someone asks me to stop


Next up are pocketpals


These can ride in any pocket and are so light you want know they are there


Mil-Tec Necklace Neck knife

Got it for free and have never found any use for it it is truly a miniature knife barely larger than my thumb


SOG Blink

Light ergonomic faster than a auto knife with the assisted opening perfect as a money clip




Beretta Bascula Gentleman

2-1/4" Satin Blade,

Engraved Cocobolo Wood Onlay Handles

A weird slide frame opening knife with nice hand fit


Sheffield works Beak folder from turn of the century owned by a friends grandfather who was a sailor



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The Espada


Cold steel Espada classic large

5-1/2" CTS-XHP Polished Blade, Polished G10 Handles with Alu Bolsters


Ay ay ay this is a real hombres knife

It is large heavy with good reach, razor sharp out of the box and built to last.

It has the classic Navaja shape designed by Andrew Demko.


The shine of the blade kind of prevents me from wanna use it to chop things with even if I believe it would be up to the task




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Fixed combat knives


One true classic



Nimravus (140SBK)

4.5" BK1 coated black 154cm steel Combo edged Blade

Black Aluminum Handles

Designed by Allen Elishewitz

USA made

Bought second hand from a SF operative outside FT Bragg compound


And a oddball also purchased in the US. Designed for police officers as a last resort backup. Leo Combat Triple-O Out Of Options is a small grippy reversed tanto blade w kydex sheath.



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