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Ok here is my collection of automatics


Benchmade 9100t trainer auto Rare*

Benchmade AFO 2 best auto ever made

Mikos leverlock auto Badass

Microtech Scarab OTF

Microtech Troodon OTF

AKC Italy classic long blade swing guard stilleto

Fällkniven flip stone sharpener



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Ok... this is a airsoft site after all so going back to AS a bit with my last post


My Webley with the Webley Pritchard Bayonet mounted. Designed by Lt. Arthur Pritchard of the 3rd Royal Berkshire Regiment these were originally produced by W.W. Greener in Birmingham for Private Purchase by Officers serving on the Western Front.

The design was made from a old shortened French Gras Model 1874 Bayonet. Now the only thing missing is the brass handled pistolstock to complete this WW1 assault pistol.

Anyone got one give me a holler please : )










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Gonna keep bombing this thread until someone asks me to stop

Next up are pocketpals

These can ride in any pocket and are so light you want know they are there

Mil-Tec Necklace Neck knife

Got it for free and have never found any use for it it is truly a miniature knife barely larger than my thumb

SOG Blink

Light ergonomic faster than a auto knife with the assisted opening perfect as a money clip[snip]

Beretta Bascula Gentleman

2-1/4" Satin Blade,

Engraved Cocobolo Wood Onlay Handles

A weird slide frame opening knife with nice hand fit

Sheffield works Beak folder from turn of the century owned by a friends grandfather who was a sailor [snip]

Actually liked for the longines, sorry! Edited by shmook
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Nam knife


Just had to get one of these huge Vietnam-era Bowies. And the other week it arrived in my mailbox.

This is the Western W49 Bowie.






They were made with supreme quality for being a manufactured knife in good American tool steel. Western Cutlery Co started supplying troops with fighting knives in WW2 and continued to do so throughout Korea and in Vietnam.


Here's a line up of fighting knives fro

the Vietnam era conflict. The Bowie is the 2nd one from the left.





They were never officially adopted (even though a small no were purchased for 5th special forces attachment) but as private purchase they found there way into the hands of both privates and NCOs. They were even offered in Camp stores at bases in Nam.






Mostly they were either used as bushcraft knives or as presentation knives given for acts of bravery or as gifts. They were supposedly also used by tunnel rat companies that saw a lot of closeup hand to hand combat.





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Nice, I wanted a SpydieChef, but since they were delayed, I just got another SV110 PM2 instead. Kinda glad since there are mixed reviews on it now.


It's fine. The neg reviews about the lock are from folks who would do better with a fidget spinner than a knife. But that said the Techno 2 or whatever it's called will be more awesome from Slysz.


Yojimbo Pingo with custom scales and Nilakka? Are they the real deal or copies? Nice collection I really like the look of the Yojimbo.


All real. Not a Pingo though; SpydieChef. Yojimbo is super nice, very fast to open and close with that lock.


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So the Spydie collection grows, I bought a Delica $ Wharncliffe since I'm supposed to start at an Amazon warehouse...until it gets here...a cheap box cutter and ParaMil2 S110V is a go...doubt a ZT would be friendly or worth the potential wear


If it's only to cut boxes, just go with a boxcutter. Cutting carboard takes a heavy toll on knives, and that's exactly why they invented boxcutters.

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