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lol found out yesterday Amazon warehouses have a no knife policy. Had to leave my PM2 with security the whole day.


That's so you don't shank the shift supervisor for being an inconsiderate *suitcase* while you work yourself to death for peanuts.

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We have safety knives for our roll cages as they come with plastic security seals but they're pretty useless so unless an auditor is in I use my Gerber Clutch which lives on my personal keys (until I replace it with a Leatherman and relegate it).

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My gerber clutch broke within days of getting it. A backspring on one of the screwdrivers failed and it doesn't stay held open. It's resigned to my work keys now.


Saying that, the scissor spring on my leatherman squirt failed after a couple of years too, and hadn't had much use.

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I only got it because I signed up to that crateclub for a giggle, but by the time I received my first one (a bum bag...) they'd already taken payment for the second one so received the Gerber, a keyring torch (with twist to activate which I dislike as it's so easy to twist it on) and a patch.


Definitely not worth it haha.

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Thinking of getting a new knife, I only buy from top knife makers like Chris reeves (I have two green berets and a Pacific) and strider knives ( I have two pts and one smf). I'm Looking at the atlas dynamic hibinger s or maybe the nighthawk model 525 by Keith Murr who is meant to be quite good. Anyway does anyone have experience with Atlas knives as they look really cool?

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Hey guys.


Seems like a good place to ask.


Is the Leatherman Raptor fully, no quibbles, no confiscations, UK carry legal?


It is basically scissors.  It has a belt cutter and a glass breaker but that's it.


I'm thinking it is something I can carry all the time and just have the Spyderco Atlantic Salt at work.

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I'd say you're good to go.


If you threatened someone with it, it is a bladed article, albeit scissors, but that's the same as threatening someone with a brick or tree branch or other innocuous article.


No way would I lock up for you having a pair on you.


Also, there's pretty much no way you would be searched anyway so it's rather a moot point.


Go for it.

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