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Battle-Worn Picture Thread

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If you've gotten that amount of wear on your barrel, I think you'd have a slightly more worn fireselector, charging handle, magrelease and trigger. ;)

But you're definitely heading in the right direction, looks really good so far, just complete the look.

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Thanks guys! :D I was expecting a whole heap of criticism. When my hands heal, I plan on making it like this:




Or, if I feel up to it, exactly like this:




Apparently, I just found out Dboys new paint is actually tough to get out (thanks to Utty!)... this assures me that I'm not just a weakling. :(




And yea, I've just got done completely silvering down the CH. :)

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I think it looks too yellow ( Spray some brown in there) and too worn.


I just striped it and re sprayed it with a better paint. looks less banana :)

Ive only done some small artificial wear on the main wear points going to leave the rest to natural wear.







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Sorry, Kie, but I don't like that much better than your original paintjob :(




- CapaciousZepher



same here looks too scaley. the first paintjob would have looked better if you had just sprayed it with a darker color kind of like tan or khaki. and with less wear.


just keep on working on it im sure it will look better! :D

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