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Battle-Worn Picture Thread

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That AK is hot, but what's the significance of the cyrillic lettering on the side? "Shurik" is a man's name. It's like a pet name for people called Alexander.


It's my name.


Sad to say "Rusty" is no longer with me. After the stock broke off, I decided to convert it into an AKMSU, with a baked on semi gloss black. I can reverse everything should I decide to though.

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How did you get that rusty finish? It looked really good!


Thanks. I stripped all the paint off, polished, used chemical cold bluing and aluminum blacking compounds to give it a worn finish, polished again to wear off the edges and such, then dunked all the metal parts into a lot of saltwater for the night. Pulled it out next morning, let it sit and corrode/rust. Then a quick wash and another polish. And there we are.


And yes I am aware that the tape would have melted off from the heat coming off the barrel and gas pipe :P


Anyways, it looks like this now, not fully complete yet, but getting there (still needs some stuff refinished and such):




Still more or less externally TM compatible. Can provide a parts list.

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thats goregous, what make?


Mine ;) Quite a mix of brands actually:


Element AK-74 body (modified on both ends)

VFC gas pipe and upper laminated upper handguard

Inokatsu laminated lower handguard and steel bolt carrier

Cyma front end and top cover, trigger guard, gearbox, hopup

ICS safety lever

KA pistol grip

Real (polish?) AKMS stock and muzzle brake

Element rubber buttpad

Systema rubber

TK twist inner barrel


I think that should cover it.



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