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Battle-Worn Picture Thread

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It really depends, you are putting on such a light coat (not even a coat just a dusting) of paint that it dries almost instantly, removing the wet stuff is easier though, the goal is not to get it pristine clean again so either way will work it just takes more effort with the dry paint (although not much more). when you are rubbing the paint on with a paper town you have to work fast as the combination with the rubbing alcohol dries very quick, but it leaves a lighter tone that looks like mud. In all honesty its almost impossibly to mess up this kinda paint job, if you don't like what you did spend some time cleaning it off with the paper towel/rubbing alcohol combo, and it'll actually look exactly like this.


I've been using mine with the stock rubber and hitting out past 200ft/61m with a flat trajectory, last game I was engaging targets at ~76m while only slightly correcting for drop. What rubber are you using?


EDIT: perhaps an image for inspiration will help too? I kinda tried to follow his light and dark spots


This is Mark Forester (RIP)



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Nice, thanks for the info again...it really sounds impossible to mess up. May give it a bash this weekend. I weathered away my MK18 totally differently and wouldn't do the same to my scar so thanks for the help!


As for the rubber, was using the stock with a madbull 6.03 inner (I've got the full length barrel in) and wasn't too impressed. I've now got a prometheus purple rubber and have PTFE'd the barrel and hop unit and am a lot happier now! It's running at 335 FPS (with 0.2's) and I'm using 0.25's in it if that helps.

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Your M727 basically makes me want to end my life in order to never feel this kind of envy again. What's up with the markings on the M733? They look smeared.


Thanks. The 727 needs an old school Surefire and an Aimpont 3000 when I can track one down, they don't turn up this side of the pond at all!


On the 733 the trademarks picked up a lot of wear from the metal harwear on my Alice harness,the flash has picked it out even further and they look terrible in the pic, much better in real life thankfully.

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Sigma3, what did you do to the wood to get it to look like that?


Late reply, sorry -- but basically I used something more or less based on Guinness' guide, which you can find around these parts. Acrylic paints in red and black, beat the hell out of it with screwdrivers and hammers and Dremel and whatever else, give it a black paint wash to fill in the cracks, then a dry brush irregularly with other colors, wipe it down with a cloth while still wet to give it the streaked look, then seal it with a clear gloss.


Nice thing about this technique is that if you mess up the paint job, you can pretty easily start over, since it's water based. Of course if you mess up the "beat the hell out of it" part you're stuck.

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