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Battle-Worn Picture Thread

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body g&p m4a1 (inernals upgrades rubber firefly soft, motor p&j high torque and precision barrel madbull black python 2 - 6,03mm)

stock dboys /w glowstick

eotech 552

G27 style pistol grip

fenix flashlight /w pressure pad

peq15 /x green laser and flashlight & pressure pad

g&p backsight

g&p frontgrip

kac supressor

asap slingmount

custom paintjob


+ I'm waiting for my aws raptor and it's ready for BW

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There are some lovely looking guns on this thread and I just wish I had the b@lls to permanently Krylon my guns. As an alternative I came across another way of giving my guns a dusty look, which I found by accident.


My missus topped up her make-up in a mirror directely above a couple of my FAST Mags, which I'd left on the side. Her foundation put a nice powdery coating on the fast mags that didn't just wipe off easily. I went out an bought some foundation and had a little experiment. My first attempt looked awful as I'd picked up a 'bronzer' with added 'shimmer', in other words, it was too red in colour and had a lovely glitter effect!!...and boy did the missus and kids take the micky!


Anyways, after buying 4 or 5 different foundations I settled for Rimmel castingFINISH MINERALS (001 Ivory) attached picture (which doesn't do it justice).


Cost: £4.50 (brush included)


To apply, really rub in the power, don't just dust it over. The harder you rub it in, the more it'll behave like a liquid on the flat surfaces and a dust in the crevices.

Once you've gone all over your gun, immediately take off the excess using an old rag and the use a wet-wipe, plus elbow grease, to rub off the foundation in the areas where your hands/gloves would naturally work the gun, ie, trigger guard, mag release button, dust guard, cocking handle, etc, etc.


I used this gun at the weekend in the rain and as you can see it didn't come off. However, should you want to take it off, just remove everything off the gun and use wet-wipes and elbow grease.


I like the effect and I can sleep at night knowing it's not permanent, just semi-permanent! This effect can be topped up if you ever wish to and I've put this effect on 4 of my guns know and still have enough foundation for another 20!


Oh, and lastly, prepare for a bit of banter from the lads when they hear you've used make-up on your gun! :D




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I like the effect and I can sleep at night knowing it's not permanent, just semi-permanent!


That looks really good! I've always wanted the dusted look but my mind changes a lot with setups and could never spray paint it. Guess I'll have to look at the cosmetics department today after work and get some weird looks haha.

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sry, phone cam...


CYMA AK47 from 5 years ago ( I think)

artificial wear, scratched on rocks and gravel,

used a filer for the rail

painted silver for the plastic reciever, natural rust steel top cover/trigger.guard

plastic wood... burned with a lighter to imitate heat + looks cool




edit: will post better quality when I get to my computer





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