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Battle-Worn Picture Thread

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The receiver on the 870 is beautiful. The CAR15 has lots of potential, but the wear still looks a little rough. Try sanding with a high grit sandpaper the transition areas between the area with no paint and with paint. This will help make the worn area look a little smoother.


Nothing much on my end...except for a dropped/chipped suppressor.


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My gear at the end of this summer. Its all been cleaned off and put away. Most of that is clay in thin layers, but it wasn't doing any harm, so I left it. Horrified some people.


Also, guess this counts:


Chunk missing from my USP sights. Doesn't bother me.

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Cool gun.


Also was wondering, how do people get that paint wear? The kind where it looks like you drew on it with chalk? I've just seen a lot of pictures and it looks pretty cool.


Like this-



What most people will do is grab a regular washcloth that you don't want or need anymore, and dump a little Goof-off or rubbing alcohol onto it. Then just start whipping away.


Theres other methods and such to get the paint of (Souske knows a pretty good way), but the key is to know which parts of the rifle to wear down.

Also on a few of these rifles you'll see that people attached iron birstles or iron wool to the end of a drill, and went over their guns in the upraised areas. Again, the trick is to know where to do it and how much to do it to get the gun looking nice.


It's definately not hard, you just have to research, and know what you're going to do in your head. Then you just have to know that when you start with the iron wool and whatnot, that you're truely committed.


Goodluck, :)


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A lot of "weathered" guns seem to have been worn in areas where that wear does not make much sense. People seem to think that worn guns need to hav the same treatment over the entire gun's surface, not just the areas wear the gun has been heavily used.

Absolutely agree 100%

When you look at the weathering on some guns it looks as though the owner has been using it to knock nails in.


As you say, you need to look at what parts of a gun get handled, which edges are sticking out, which bits come in contact with the floor when you put it down and which bits rub against other things in normal use.

NOTHING looks worse than a gun that seems to have random marks all over it, all going in different directions.

You can wear away the finish on a weapon quite impressively without ever actually denting or scratching the gun. If you look at any rifle in military use, whatever its age, I bet there's only one or two serious scratches on the receiver. If there was more I'd imagine the guns owner would be in for a reprimand from their NCO and some form of punishment that'd help remind them not to damage their weapon again.


Personally (and I know this sounds a bit mad) I'd suggest getting hold of some fairly smooth sandpaper and sticking it to your gloves with double sided tape.

Now hold the gun at ease, bring it to aim and generally nob around with it for a few minutes.

You'll soon start to wear at the finish and that should be enough to show you where to apply any further weathering.

If you're going to apply scratches to the gun you need to THINK how they would have happened. If you had been pressing against a wall with the rifle slung and then scratched the gun as you walked you'd end up with several scratches all parallel and all moving the same way along the gun. Wavey scratch lines travelling in different directions just look daft IMO.


Since I got my A&K M249 it's REALLY bugged me how shiny and new it looked. All over the internet I've seen pictures of extremely shagged-out looking M249s in use in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I've attacked my M249 to make it look a bit like the pic's I've seen. I'll bung some pictures up tomorrow.

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My XM177 when it was plastic, after I weathered it with paint.


It has since been outfitted with a metal body and modified in other ways:




I used pics of real Vietnam-era rifles as a reference for the paint job.


Got it a little dirty in a skirmish, which was nice. Combat rifles and gear should get dirty.




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Well I spent today working on the DBoyi KAP98k because I couldn't wait to get it posted in here!


...and well..because it was snowing all day :rolleyes:


man, it sure gets dark early in the winter and when it snows all day, so I didn't get to take any pics in good lighting, more tomorrow :D






Closeup of weathered receiver and stock











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