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:rolleyes: Ah, so true. Its only missing the guy with a 8mm of some sort around the other side of it, aiming at your exposed flesh :D


Actually, he was about 3m away, but I nabbed him. :)


It was my team-mate behind me that shot me in the back of the head. :(



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That's TWO seats, the closer one seems to be on a swivel mounting and turned backwards...


But given the colour scheme and the rest of the seating, you're probably not far wrong.


*sticks fist in air* :headbutt:


You ruined my poster with your cleverness! :(






And why aren't the spamming rules in this thread strictly enforced anymore?

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The Badger would correct swerve, a semi automatic rifle or carbine should be your primary weapon, with a sword or spade as a back up for when it runs out of ammo or the zombies get too close.

and so as not to spam up this thread anymore











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