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Is this a SCAR?

Revenge Seeker

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It looks like it could be alot of things, I thought it might be a SIG at first but there's alot of H&K about it. I did a search to try and find something about it but all I came up with was this hilarious picture of the same general;




The caption was; 'Chief of General Staff Pavel Stefka introduces the new weapon of the Czech Cavalry' :D


edit; everything I have found also suggests it is the CZ-805





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Could this be based on the "combat pick-up" lower for the SCAR that IIRC was supposed to be able to use AK mags? That would explane the mag release...


Kind of like that explanation, but why would they change the stock, surely al they would change would be the relavent parts to enable it to handle Ak Mags and ammo.


Is it perhaps a prototype made by FN for the Cechs? Unlikely as CZ normally makes their guns.


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