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If you're going to delete a post you might as well inform me why. Otherwise I get nothing from it.


No idea who that was aimed at, or what for. Therefore, I get nothing from it either. There's a site errors/suggestions forum for any issues you have like this, and it would help if you told us which thread you'd posted in. Thread moved accordingly.


Personally, I often delete posts without comment. If I think it's worth a note to the poster, I'll pm them - otherwise (if I'm tidying around, as I do) and it's either minor spam, off-topic or irrelevant I just delete it.

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Much though they wish they were, the mods aint psychic




I knew you were gonna say that.


Well it certainly wasn't spam or off topic, and it isn't the first time. A simple "your post was deleted cause it sucked would suffice."


Ah, so not only do we have to take the time to tidy up after people, you also want us to engage them in a discussion about it afterwards? I'll go with "No" on that one. We're giving our time for free to help out around here, and there's only so much free time we each have. We log in, work through a pile of pm's; deal with any issues they throw at us; check for any new flaming/bitching/abuse/spam/duplicate posts/petty squabbles about which vest the guy in the photo's wearing etc; deal with them; have a tidy around where neccesary; check our e-mails for any news you guys might want to read or any queries people have then maybe - just maybe - get a few minutes to have a read of some threads about something that interests us. Call me selfish if you like, but in context I'd consider entering a debate about whether your post sucked or not a complete waste of both our time.


Gawd knows who deleted it, but if it HAD been me I'd have done the same.

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