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KJW P229 Review

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If I was to do it I would probably buy a KJW P229 and a nice after market TM P226 slide and barrel set. The big benefit is that you would get the good trades on the slide.


I thought about that, too, but wasn't sure if I wanted P226 trades on a non-P226.


My importer quoted me just over $100CDN for a KJW P226 slide assembly, which isn't bad considering the state on Canadian law. And once I sell my P229 slide assembly, the cost of the project will be a lot more reasonable. :)


BTW Romulus, thanks for the offer of more pics, but I think I'll be good for now. Hopefully I'll have some pics for the SIG thread after this is all said and done.

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I just wish I had known that a real mainspring seat would fit. Where did you guys happen to buy yours?


Extra Bonus Question: Does anyone know if real steel grip screws will fit? From what I've seen, it looks like the threaded part of the screw is too large on the real ones to fit in the KJ. I'd just like to confirm this if anyone has firsthand information.


I just bought a Main Spring Seat from Brownells a few days ago. They do require a bit of tweaking as can be seen here.


I was curious about the RS grip screws as well and so I ordered one along with my mainspring seat so that I can test it out. I'll probably have it in by this weekend and I'll post the verdict here.

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I got my parts in yesterday. I am still working of finding parts that work together but I had several observations:


first, the RS grip screw that I ordered to test is NOT compatible with the SIG


second, even with an RS mainspring seat the RS grips require filing and dremeling to fit.


With any luck I'll have the whole project up in the next few days.

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