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New AK-104


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  • 2 months later...

Sorry for thread digging *puts down spade*


But where is this AK-104?


No news of it from guarder i mean they're talking about type 56 kits which we knew nothing about!, and the promo poster has disappeared from Arnies news archive!


Did i dream this?

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what about the AN-94... it would be nice to see one that could fire the first 2 shots at 1800 RPM, then the rest at 600 RPM. It would have to be like the SIGs or something. I dunno, it's probably hard to do anyway...


I'm just waiting for the ICS AK-74M to come out. I'm not shelling out around $1000 for one of those crazy kits... the money some people put into this is baffling...

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