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I believe that the general discussion should be broken up into several different subcategories, divided by the model gun.


EG: Armalite Section

HK Section




the picture threads corresponding to these topics could also be moved into the new thread sections


It is difficult to sort through the general and technical subforums in order to find information on say, my m4's motor, with this changed organization the pages one has to search through is severely decreased.


just my 2 cents.


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This type of thing is exactly what keeps me off of other forums. The search function is there if I need something specific, but most of the time I just browse through forums looking for questions in need of answers and stuff. I much prefer having a handful of forums to check than dozens upon dozens dedicated to different gun types.

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First of all, I just realised my comment could be misconstrued as 'search more' - that's not what I meant, so sorry if that got your back up. I was suggesting the search function was not operating well at the moment.


Second of all, barking orders isn't going to get anywhere. Arnie is the only person with the power to alter the server software, and I don't think he'll feel too inclined in the little spare time he does have to do anything if all he sees is ungrateful users telling him what he needs to do with a service he is providing for free. :)

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above anything else its a bad idea due to the general similarity between 80 percent of airsoft guns As a result the fix for X gun could well be same as the fix for Y. Seperate everything into a ginormous set of sub forums and someone who isnt interested in armalite variants but knows the answer to a problem an armalite user is suffering (cos its same as one on an AK AUG or anything else) wont see your question in the amralite section, and thus wont answer it.


While in the mean time you'll be sat camped in the armalite section waiting for an answer blisfully unaware that an identical problem was raised and solved in the MP5 section a week before...


End result uterly pointless bunch of sub forums (lord only knows how many when number of diffrent weapons families are taken into account) more work for the mods moving posts from one section to anotherand zero real benefit to the users

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