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Trigger Happy M240B

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I ordered my TH M240B from WGC. $1400, with $125 for shipping. When it arrived, I left work, went to the Post Office, then straight to my local shop to figure out how to assemble this beast.


Opening the package, everything was securely bubble-wrapped individually. No pics of the packaging, but, suffice to say, Trigger Happy packed it well. The box is not suitable for storage, only the initial shipping, so into a gunbag it goes.


What you get in the box: the gun, in sub-assemby form, and a CD for the assembly manual. No targets or catalogs, but I throw them away anyhow.



Inside the box mag, and the feed tube:








Top and bottom of the gearbox:





Battery goes through the front of the stock, where it attaches to the reciever:




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The hop unit. Metal.



Barrel attachment. Very quick.







Then rotate the handle right. This locks the barrel. To rotate the handle without releasing the barrel, pull the lever with your finger while turning. Removing the barrel is opposite of attaching.



Bipod lock:





Fold the bipod legs into place, then close the latch:





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Stock attachement:





To release, slide the latch on the bottom of the stock to the rear, then pull the stock up and out.


Magazine attachment. Lift the top cover and feed tray. There is a notch where the feed tube fits, and a raised screw that slides into the magazine:





Plug in the wire on the magazine to the wire in the receiver, close the feed tray and top cover:













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The entire gun, save the magazine, and stock are aluminium. With a nice matte black finish. I believe it may be anodized, as it is not paint.


So, after assembly came the chrono. Out of the box, it shoots 330fps on .20s. Nice ROF, and the auto-winding magazine has no trouble keeping up. WGC stated not to use the carry handle, as it could break. To me, it seems pretty beefy, with no wiggle or bend like the old TOP M60 handles. So, full metal, good power and ROF, and solid build.


Now the negative.


The magazine. While nice and well built, it's cardboard. A few games in wet weather, and it's done. I will probably build my own box out of plastic and transplant the internals.


The battery. After inserting a large type 8.4v, I could not get it out of the stock. I had to disassemble the butt plate, which is easy, but a pain. The plate is held on by 4 threaded pins that run to the front of the stock. Upon doing this, I noted that the inside of the stock is very spacious. The battery was simply catching in the narrow hole out through the neck.


I may have a custom battery built permenantly into the stock, but this would not be the best, since if the battery dies in the field I have no spare. So I think that for the time being, I'll use the sam 9.6v butterfly battery I use in my LSW.


A lot of people have mentioned the lightness of this gun. It is true. At the shop we weighed it. It weighs 12lbs, which is not exactly light for an airsoft replica, but due to the size of the gun, it seems alot lighter. Personally, even though I prefer milsim, I do not consider this a negative. I really don't feel like lugging a 24lb gun through the woods, and my STAR LSW and L85 are heavy enough, thank you :P


Overall, I am very pleased. I was planning on a SAW, but this was announced. I'll be sure to stand out from the other gunners out there, if only for the sheer lenght of this beast. The first game it's used in will be on Saturday. And now I'm off to find some British furniture and flash hider :D

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The gearbox is the same as the VFC MK43. And the charging handle moves.


EDIT: After looking at pics of other TH M240Bs, it appears they have unique serial numbers. Mine is TH000029

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Do you happen to know an m249?


Id love to see how big this thing is compared with other common support weapons.


Is the gearbox VFC mk43 "like" or is it exactly the same?


Oh and have you done this yet?


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here's the link to the videos thread for the 240 test firing. can't really see the bb stream.. but you can hear the ROF.

testing done with a 8.4V 1700NiCd subC Sanyo pack.

TH240 vid


magsz, here's the comparison pic


from top to bottom:

Trigger Happy/Echigoya/Shoei MG42 (AEG version)

Inokatsu M60 E3

Trigger Happy 240

CA M249


the MG42 and the 240 are about the same length at 49inches and change.

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I checked this thing out at AEX the other day. The quality and craftsmanship was incredible. I honestly don't think I've ever seen an AEG in this price range at this level of quality. One of the guys working there (ex-mil) says it strips down just like the real thing. Very cool. This thing was solid and yet light for the size of it. A really good balance IMHO.


Still... too big for my taste though. I'm more interested in the G&P MK46.



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The inner barrel is 550mm, and literally looks like they took a piece of brass tube from the hardware store. I had Impact Games install a Prometheus 590mm. The new barrel comes to a bit less than an inch from the beginning of the flash hider.


We also removed and took pics of the gearbox. I'll get those posted tomorrow.

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here's the mechbox pics.

also, update on the comparison pics between the 240 and other guns my previous post back a ways..




initial observations are:

the spring is comparable to a Guarder sp90 spring

plastic(or polycarb) piston & piston head

metal bushings (6mm)

from what we can see, the gears seem to be something close to the XYT gears (this is just a guess, we didn't fully open up the mechbox yet)

mystery motor.. -short type.


size comparison .vs 240:



MG42 vs 240




Inokatsu 60 E3




CA 249



that M4 looks tiny... :rolleyes:






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Do you happen to know an m249?


Id love to see how big this thing is compared with other common support weapons.


Is the gearbox VFC mk43 "like" or is it exactly the same?


Oh and have you done this yet?




Notice that the one in the vid has the Bravo front grip and all the other people's dont'?

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