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Vega Force Company FN SCAR Light Gen. III

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Sorry, ignore my ignorance, Salty... I guess it cant be done.



LOL what kind of attitude is that?


Anything can be done.


I personally have a VFC SCAR too and am interested in installed a fire control computer too.


I have thought of a couple options.


You could make a third connector on the hinge like the 2 that are already there for one method and keep it in the stock where fuse holder is.


Obviously you could just drill a small hole and run a wire too but then you will have the visible wire when you fold the stock.


But quite honestly how often is the stock folded. Generally only for storage so then who really cares other then the looks of it.



Also has anybody else thought of the possibilty of mounting in upper reciever above the gear box? I think there might be room. Might interfer with the bolt being able to be moved but maybe doable?

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Have had my VFC for a short bit now. I have had some problems with some magazines. I have tried out some of the other lower cost solutions on mags as well. Here is what I have seen so far.....



VFC hi-cap = decent fit, but does have some feed problems (surprising to me, but maybe it needs to be worked in)


ECHO-1 new series hi-cap = mid to poor fit, very loose on the front end, does not easily "click" into place and does not match up exactly with mag catch.


G&P 130 rd mid-cap = great fit, great lock, great feed and keeps up with the AEG ROF.


MAG 100 (or so) mid-cap = very good fit, great lock, good feed.


MAG 30 rd std-cap = very good fit, great lock, good feed.



Overall I have had the best sucess with the G&P Mids and plan on using them exclusive...of course I love mid-caps anyway.

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Question for everyone.


Anyone else having issues with their hopup units?


The only buckings that i can get to work in the newer scar L's are the stock VFC buckings.


Every other bucking that ive tried has been too thick for the hopup unit and it ends up bunching or stretching the lips so that the gun double feeds something fierce.

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The only other than stock one I've tried was a Prometheus red which I've been told is horrible. I couldn't get it to feed at all.


I have thrown in a new one myself. I had lots of problems with them being too thick. I finally got a guarder (black less than 400fps) to fit....WITH LOTS OF LUBE AND PATIENCE! Added about 10-15 fps and much better hop. My original was barely intact and a real booger to get off as well.


Worked like a charm. I think the original ones are marginal and perhaps to thin to adequately give good friction to the bb in order to get good spin....but not sold on that as I really haven't studied the situation a lot...so let's say "first impression"

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I guess im not the only one experiencing this problem.


Im also having double feed issues even with the stock bucking. Its happening with all different brands of magazines and i think its because when the gun is firing i can almost imperceptibly see the hopup unit moving forward.


Ive tried shimming the unit with o-rings but unfortunately that keeps the gun from feeding entirely.


Im less than happy that this gun uses a proprietary hopup unit. Either that or VFC has slipped on their QC and is putting hopup units out there that were molded too tight.


Like i said previously this problem didnt exist on the first run of US import scars.

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What type of barrel did you use? Stock or aftermarket?


I absolutely cannot get any rubbers to fit my hopup units unless its the stock rubber which is significantly thinner.




I used a stock cqb one. What i noticed is that the accuracy is superior in semi compared to full auto. don't get me wrong you can hit a man sized target from far away, but it might take a few more bb's.

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I fit in the guarder bucking with the stock I.B. but noticed that it was easier when I fit in an after market 6.03mm I.B. later (had one laying around, so I used it). Still very hard. I suppose (meaning I have not measured it) that the inner diameter of the hop up chamber is a wee bit tighter than the norm.


As an update......


Sad news to the VFC SCAR world of my airsoft. I was playing in a local skirmish last weekend and while walking out to my position for the very first game of the morning, I fell hard. I thought I had broken my nose or busted my mouth from the fall, but found out that the SCAR was in fact...broken. I should add here that the impact was a pretty large one and that I really thought I was due for some good bleeding injuries. The AEG itself stood up well except for for 2 small points where the stress would cause one to break. The small ABS rails that guides the stock onto the receiver split down the sides and the stock cannot be re-attached. But here in the US I do have an option. ASA in the western US is a shop that does a WGC order monthly to reduce overseas shipping costs....so I am getting my stuff after the order is placed on the 30th. I will have to settle for my M-4 until then.

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I replaced the tension spring on top of the unit and now the gun is feeding normally. Like i mentioned before, the hopup unit was moving forward when the gun cycled. Increasing the tension on the spring prevents this from happening.

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Hi guys,


Im new to airsoft and thought hey go buy a VFC Scar - they sound great. So far i have fired a 1000 rounds only to have my gearbox jam up solid- guys with VFC Scars have tried to fix it - so far no luck.


So i now have a NZD800.00 door stop. Not a happy camper i can tell you. Dont know what else to do. Maybe I was unlucky and got the dodgy Scar.


Anyway way luv the review - great that you have a SCAR that operates.


Cheers, Comrade Lenin

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FarEast, you officially have my thanks for providing us with such a good review. Keep up the good work, brother.


Thanks to the review, you've swayed me into buying one of these rifles as my next major Airsoft purchase. This rifle just strikes me as versatile. Since I already own a customized G3SG/1 for marksman duty, I'm covered in all areas if I buy this beauty.


I'll probably pick it up early August from Airsoft GI's warehouse when I go down to Socal for my college orientation (I'm a Norcal boy who'll be attending UC Santa Barbara this fall). Since most fields down south are desert-like, the FDE color of the rifle is another plus.


I'll start by just using the rifle in its basic form for a couple of months. Later on down the road, I'll supplement it with a 6-magazine pack of CA's excellent 130-round STANAG midcaps (which I will repaint to match the rifle), an ACOG replica (I don't know which one is the best... Any help?), a vertical foregrip, and possibly a Surefire flashlight attached via a universal clamp for those promised night ops at Jericho. I won't be touching the internals until something breaks, which is another reason why I'm buying the rifle from Airsoft GI's storefront - I want to test-fire it at their indoor range and make sure that I get a good example.

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I looked at this in the past and don't think it's possible unless :-


1) serious mod to allow extra wires into the stock (and install the AB-FET there)

2) make your own AB-FET and squeeze in components to wherever space is available within the mechbox & lower receiver

3) give up the whole cocking mechanism in the upper receiver and squeeze in the AB-FET there

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