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Post pics of your Belt Kits

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Finally got my 1st line/belt kit in a stable setup. From left to right:   Emdom-MM CM Belt AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle HSGI Double Decker Taco (x2) TT Grenade Pouch TT Dump Pouch Leatherman MUT P

Thread resurrection ? My current belt kit is a bit of a mixed bag. Emerson clone belt- Left to right ESSTAC KYWI 2+1 Osprey Sharpshooter pouch Osprey AP pouch (modified) BFG Medium utility Ospre

Still trying to figure out a way how to set up my belt.  

Posted Images

I decided to give the whole first-line and second-line a shot not long ago and really found it useful. My setup definitely needs some tweaking, though, since it lacks easy capacity for any spare rifle magazines. Then again, when I drop the Weesatch on the field, it's usually because I want to go pistol-only with the Hi-Capa.




Generic belt

HSGI suspenders

BHI Omega holster

Maxpedition Proteus pack

Specter Triple Pistol Magazine pouch

Maxpedition Cell Phone pouch


Next up is probably a drop-leg subload for the rifle magazines and/or the HSGI sniper waistpack. The Proteus has been practically useless for me unless I go for the "tactical fanny pack" look.


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What's the wood pole on your kit Gadge?


And what exactly is a "first line kit" anyway?



The wood pole is the haft on an entrenching tool.


In the pouch its on is a pickaxe and spade type blade, a tin of boot polish and rifle cleaning kit.


Late war hafts have an attachment for the bayonet so you can use it to mine probe, the tool itself makes a very good close combat weapon in real life.



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It's more of a comfort issue, really. I don't like feeling the belt digging into my hips (or my gut if I load up the Proteus). Definitely curious about this "allan belt" though. What is it?



An allan or 'allen' belt is a patrol belt that we used to use in the late 90s, very popular with the sas or folk on eagle or vehicle patrols, very much like a chest rig but worn as a belt.


I loved mine, used it a lot.


You could hold nine mags, a water bottle and then any extra spare kit in the free pouch.


Very lightweight, very comfy, easy to use, no fuss carrying kit.






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The different kit "lines" are as follows in general terms


1st Line:What you need to survive

2nd Line:What you need to fight

3rd Line: What you need to endure


And thats a broad generalization that no one actually follows. In airsoft 1st line it kit worn from a belt and or drop legs. No Molle plate carrier or chest rig.

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My current 1st line set up:

From left to right:

Drop leg panel with Dump Pouch

Kbar Sheath and Training Knife

Small Utility Pouch - Used for small items like tools, folding knife, lighter, GPS

Deployment Bag used as a butt pack - Spare batteries, Bagged Ammo, spare radio

Gemtec Pistol Leash

Modified MK23 Gun Bag - I've removed the drop leg extension so the holster rides closer to the hip than the thigh (Keeps the damn thing from getting all wrapped up in my legs when running, while still allowing me to carry the Pistol w LAM, 2 spare mags and the silencer).


All of this is worn on a standard duty belt with a pad.


It's everything I need for infiltrating an objective, taking out a sentry or clearing a small structure

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In the british army its a bit different.


Your webbing caries the kit you need to FIGHT & survive for approx 24 hours and important stuff.


namely ammo, smaller items off a rat pack, fist aid kit, cleaning kit for your rifle, bayonet, water and quite often and entrenching tool (anyone who has been shelled will tell you they *never* left theirs behind afterwards)


Thats 'fighting order'.



Add to that your respirator haversack which is not on your webbing (well it shouldn't be anyway) but is alway within arms reach or over your shoulder.


Next bit is assault order which is as above but wiht a single daysack with your NBC suit in it.


Then you can add a second daysack wiht shelter kit, more rations, cooking kit and water proofs.


Everything else goes in your bergan and you only really get at it when harbouring up.

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And when i'm gaming on the kraut side.....





Which in contrast is a total pig to use....


Hmm most of the vets I've talked to never carried their messkits in the field... Is this a squad leader's impression? I'm guessing from the MP40 pouches but with airsoft you're limited to weapon choices so I could be very wrong...

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It varies i use it for both an obergefreitor of a commando unit or a feldwebel of an infantry unit.


I carry a mess tin as we camp in the field under zelts and cook using mess tins on weekend events.


If you look in Brian L. Davies book on uniforms of the German army its an incredibly common bit of kit to carry.


The k98 bayonet is carried as a fighting knife, again i've period pics of this carried with mp40 pouches.







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Go on then...



1937 pattern fighting order, blancoed for late war '44:


on the floor


and worn


Works well enough, and dirt cheap, much more useful than all that velcro, quick release molle rubbish....




Holy ######, is that a smle-MkIII?! Were you the guy who had the Webley Mk IV (something very classy about top-breaks)? Very impressive collection.


What is the coat you are wearing...is it a leather shooting jacket? I've never seen anything like that, especially without any sleeves. Very original and sharp looking!

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Pretty vanilla kit compared to the sweet vintage setups featured here.




Tactical Tailor medium MOLLE belt

- Specter Gear single M4 mag shingle x2

- TT drop-leg dump pouch

- Specter Gear 3x pistol mag pouch

- HSGI mini-radio pouch (Motorola T7200 + Pryme SPM-1400T w/remote PTT)

- Eagle slung weapons catch

- Gemtech tactical retention lanyard

- Emdom small utili-shingle

- TT small modular leg rig

--- BHI M4 pistol holster w/light

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