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Post pics of your Belt Kits

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Not first line really, more belt kit.

Base: Viper MOLLE belt

L to R : WAS Double Pistol ( to be replaced with a WAS fast draw in OD), 2x BULLE single shingles, WAS Adjustable Radio, BULLE Rolly polly, 2x BULLE Frags, Safariland 6004 for P226 w/light.

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I have a question for anyone who wears a first line with suspenders under their plate carrier. How low do you end up having your belt so that it is comfortable? Ive tried putting my plate carrier on over my ALICE setup but didnt want to mess with it to much at the time

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I set my suspenders so that the belt would ride just below my PC, which happens to be right around where my pants belt is. It probably wouldn't be comfortable with LC-1/2 suspenders, but low-profile suspenders make a pretty big difference.

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Just call it "Belt Kits"


1st line is not restricted to a belt, it technically includes any and all gear that is on the person not part of the main fighting equipment that remains with them should the 2nd and 3rd lines be ditched. It is supposed to include survival equipment and therefore is more expansive than is just what joe blow has on his belt.


On the other hand we have alot of guys here who have kits which are based entirely around a belt and harness and have no other special thread on the forum: ALICE,PLCE,MOLLE LBE's, etc.

All of those setups are 2nd line equipment according to the 3 line methodology.


And then you have everybody in between which use the belt as an expansion of the 2nd line, or a cross between 1st and 2nd, so i think just belt kit would make everyone happy.

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