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Post pics of your Belt Kits

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I think that's the version 2 of the redi-mag, since the extra mag didn't fall out.


And just realized that the silencer reached my leg, but I've seen Mk23 go just as far without the silencer......Need to get some sort of holster to attach onto my belt via MOLLE, but I don't like SERPA too much.

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in your action photo is that magpull flick reload?


I rotate it enough to check my chamber and then back around to get a good visual on my magwell, but I don't usually have mags flying half way down the firing line haha


Here is a pic of the end of the reload...




I think that's the version 2 of the redi-mag, since the extra mag didn't fall out.


RediMod actually but still based of the V2's

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My combat belt kit is pretty much done. It fits very nice and comfortably. I like this set up because I can use it with different rigs. Mainly my BW PC and my Chicom chest rig, heavy and light loads respectively. One small issues is the connection points between the suspenders and the belt. The steel d-rings like to rub the suspenders and make a creaking sound whenever I move. I might try some tape to quiet them.












Kit list:


Blackwater IO padded MOLLE belt, Multicam

ICE Tactical suspenders, Multicam


Left to right;

Ebaybanned replica Fastmag, tan

Magpul PTS PMAG, 120 rds, black

TAD Gear RDDP1, Multicam

Tactical Tailor Frag pouch, Multicam

High Speed Gear Inc utility pouch, Multicam

ICE Tactical Vertical Detachable IFAK, Multicam w/custom med patch

Blackhawk M9 SERPA holster, Foliage green

Blackhawk STRIKE SERPA adapter, tan



Yes, the IFAK does have some basic first-aid supplies. I'm planning on changing out the contents for something more effective later.


I'm thinking of a way to mount two or three M9 mags on the belt. I'm thinking of trying the BHI CQC SERPA mag holsters.

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An old pic, my firstline varies somewhat now. If i use either of my 1911s ill run my 6004 or Fobus, the current setup is for my USP.




WAS Blast Belt

BHI 2xpistol mag pouch

Maxpedition rolly polly

Maxpedition M6 utility pouch

2x HSGI frag pouches

TT Dropleg platform

WAS Pistol holster


I use this with a set of HSGI Suspenders.

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First, please anyone who answers to this. I don't want to hear the normal "OMG OMG you are doing it wrong" blaa blaa blaa nonsense, i just need an answer/opinion. Not all the criticism.


The thing is when i wear two belts, one for trousers and one for the so called 'first line'. Always and i mean it always. There happens that, that the first line belt gives some much preasure to the trousers belt and it cuts deep into me, and again i'm not meaning any small little tiny scratch. There is every time need for a real trained medic/doc to patch me up. As everyone can imagine i'm tired of it and don't want it to happen again + it hurts big time.


So i need the first line, but only 1. belt to serve as a trouserbelt and first line. Should i use a riggers or duty ? Also i don't have to take the belt off and mounting pouches is not an issue. This is not about dumping my gear fast as possible or trying to make an impression of SEAL, SF, etc. etc.


I'm gonna carry on it my 1911, rollypolly and endoms 6o4 pouch and yes i'm going to loop it through trousers.


So once more which one would do the task better ?


Thanks already






I read the pages 4-5 of this thread, so no need of repeat.

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What kind of belts were you using? I have never had any issues wearing a trouser belt with a duty belt or molle belt over top of it...


If yo do decide to run your pistol and mags off of your trouser belt just be sure to pick up a good quality belt (one with a rigid insert would help out quite a bit)... If you decide to run a separate belt I would suggest running a good set of suspenders to help keep the weight off of your hips

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