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Post pics of your Belt Kits

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uscmCorps, what make are the mag pouches? Could you throw up some pics of the ammo side? Thanks, nice belt kit! I've been wanting something similar. It get's too hot here in the summer.

As the Flash pointed out, they're Eagle Industries FB pouches. Basically open top pouches with kydex inserts and felt lined so they're rigid and hold onto mags pretty tightly. I used to use Fast Mags but didn't like twisting them out under pressure. Then saw people start to use the FB pouches and decided to give them a try.


I've used a similar setup but with a drop leg for a while now, and quite like how cool it is in California Summer:



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Finally got my 1st line/belt kit in a stable setup. From left to right:   Emdom-MM CM Belt AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle HSGI Double Decker Taco (x2) TT Grenade Pouch TT Dump Pouch Leatherman MUT P

Thread resurrection ? My current belt kit is a bit of a mixed bag. Emerson clone belt- Left to right ESSTAC KYWI 2+1 Osprey Sharpshooter pouch Osprey AP pouch (modified) BFG Medium utility Ospre

Still trying to figure out a way how to set up my belt.  

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Very sharp--I feel inspired to put something similar together with a Safariland MLS and some Fastmags, just have to find the right belt.


Does anyone wear a chest rig along with their MOLLE belt? I'm stuck with realcaps, so my lightest kit is 6-8 mags plus a med pouch for my CO2 and BBs, the mandatory pistol, and a radio. I've hauled all of it on belt kit using two thigh platforms, but I would prefer to ditch the dropleg stuff altogether.

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uscm, u do nothing for water?

During the days I'm wearing this rig we're usually running 15-20 minute games, and they're usually small games within my team. So I drink between games. At all day games I have my full rig (which holds anything from 3-6 liters of water). Now that, is not a light rig.

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Well I have a Camelbak that I could use. For games where we're far enough away from cars, I'd take a go bag or E&E bag with ammo, couple snacks and some simple tools. But the idea is definitely to stay light weight. It's basically the same setup as what I'm using for my Magpul Dynamics class.

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You just had to add that in didn't you :P


How many people, especially over here in the UK have you just made totally jealous.

I guess he wants to be hated. :)

Sorry. Didn't intend to post that in hopes of generating jealousy. That's simply the main impetus for why my belt rig has been setup the way it is. The instructors want the students to come to the class with whatever setup they'll be using in a real world situation, and unless you're in LE or MIL, it's highly unlikely you'll be using a real gun in a drop leg. So while I do airsoft, it's important that I train myself to use what a real world situation may dictate. ;)

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It is very comfortable wear. I wore it when playing on sunday. It doesn't dig into your hips and the wieght can be spread around the belt. Once my pouches arrive i'll get some pics up of mine


Got 2 EBB Fast mags, a WAS double pistol mag pouch, WAS 5.56 shingle, ACM dump pouch and a BHI Strobe pouch. Its a mix and match of colours, with Tan, FG and ACU. They will all be tan funds permitting.


I'm on the lookout for a cheap left handed kydex 1911 holster.

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My Belt kit in it's current. Mod 1,1 Beta mode.


I haven't used it "infield" (as in I haven't played with it). I will need to test it ingame before its final, but my basic "is it working" test in the garden says it works.




Kitlist (in order of placement left to right)

Padded mollebelt (pantac)

Moddifierade 5.56 shingles (warrior)

Magdump (Pantac)

Dubble Pistolmag (Warrior)

Single 5.56 pouch (Warrior)

Utility pouch medium (Warrior)

Lanyard (blackhawk)

Hölster (Warrior)

Single pistolmag (Warrior)


All the Pantac stuff will be changed to similar gear from Warrior Assult Systems


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About the PLB Belt, how comfortable is it? Would it be adjustable to smaller waists? It seems pretty large on Photos...


I have the same belt depends on how small a waist you have im a 32 and its fine. I use it it for all my gear so at the moment there is 6 co2 m4 magazines in a triple pouch, a dual pistol mag pouch, dump pouch mouted just off centre at the back, a utility pouch with speed loaders co2 some tools and occassionally another two pistol mags and finally my side arm.


all in all it does have a fair bit of weight to it! I use the warrior harness aswell though so its a better balance and it is also a lot more stable than the pantac belts imo which have a bit more flex in them.

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HSGI 2Quart acting as a butt pack

ATS Medium Utility

EMDOM Dumper

Paraclete CANSOF Small Utility









I run a drop leg holster on my left side hence the left side is pretty bare (ATS utility fits well behind my pistol draw).


I might add pistol pouches... but maybe on my plate carrier instead of the belt.

I haven't ran the setup yet, but I plan to just keep propane, BB's, spent mags, gun oil, propane adapter, sling and maybe some driver bits on the setup with most of the weight being the propane tank.

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They're OK for pistols. But they don't hold enough to support a GBB M4 for a full day OP.


But the HSGI and ATS pouches are scalable. The HSGI is pretty low profile when cinched down and the ATS can be rolled up:



And the entire setup, in its highest profile doesn't increase width over my plate carrier. My main idea was to scale pouches vertically in order to not be the michelin man like in my Avatar.

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My belt kit, Need to change the type of holster as its hard to draw with my RICAS Compact (Rest of M4 mags on my RICAS)


Im still playing around with configurations and i also have a dump pouch in the post :)




Blackwater IO Belt

US Suspenders

2 x WAS Single 5.56

1 x WAS Double 5.56

1 x Single Pistol Mag

1 x Molle Holster


Everythings CB apart from the suspenders.

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