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Post pics of your Belt Kits

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Finally got my 1st line/belt kit in a stable setup. From left to right:   Emdom-MM CM Belt AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle HSGI Double Decker Taco (x2) TT Grenade Pouch TT Dump Pouch Leatherman MUT P

Thread resurrection ? My current belt kit is a bit of a mixed bag. Emerson clone belt- Left to right ESSTAC KYWI 2+1 Osprey Sharpshooter pouch Osprey AP pouch (modified) BFG Medium utility Ospre

Still trying to figure out a way how to set up my belt.  

Posted Images

My 1st. line.



(left to right)
- Warrior PLB
- Warrior double DA pistol mag. pouch
- Eagle FB pouch
- Warrior M4 pouch
- Maxpedition dumppouch
- Flyye grenade pouch (used as mini IFAK/boo-boo pouch)
- Safariland ALS holster on an MLS platform
The Safariland holster is soon to be covered i multicam fabric. :)
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My latest version. much improved from the one seen earlier in the thread:

from R-L

  • Viper security belt
  • safariland 6280 holster (for G17) on 6400 leg platform (contains KJW G23)
  • No-brand gloves pouch (contains two pairs of nitrile gloves)
  • Viper torch/baton pouch (contains suppressor for G23)
  • Ex-Police magazine/multi-tool pouch (spare G23 mag)

I'm debating getting rid of the suppressor pouch, as it's bigger than it needs to be, and isn't the most secure on the belt. might get a double pistol mag pouch and fit the suppressor in the spare space.

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A Quick snap as I am getting used to wearing a Safariland 6004 at the moment, everything looks a little squashed but when worn it fits like a glove and everything is easy to reach.



Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Warrior PLB Belt, 2x 5.56 pouches (total 4 M4 mags), 2 Single pistol pouches,1x flecktarn rolling dump pouch 1x medium general utility pouche (being used for First Aid Kit and belive me I have used it and replish it!), 1x utility pouch, knife pouch (cold steel training knife), Flecktarn Suspenders, Safariland 6004 (taking care of a TM 1911A1 with VFC Surefire 310r clone). The holser is swapped out depending on my choice of secondary weapon, I have a serpa for my Hi Capa 4.3 and another 6004 for a glock 19 with TLR1 for example.






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Moved the right side of the belt arround a bit as the holster was not sitting right, so got rid of the knife pouch as I only use it on certain games, note different 6004 for my Glock 19 with TLR1 light, I really do need to pick up the QLS attachment to swap from 1911 to glock holsters easier.



Uploaded with ImageShack.us



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Belt. I can run slim rigs all day but can not help from filling up my belt kit.
From L-R
Emdom Belt
Elastic Shotgun retention loop
First Spear G19/17 double
SDS Speed reload pouch (replacing with a TACO since I have an AK.
ATS dump pouch
ATS horizontal utility pouch
Spec Ops Brand Sheath with cold steel training knife
Home brew Kydex

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Nice and simple.


Warrior Triple M4 Open Top Pouch ( with the leather innards- great retention)

TMC Small Utility

Tactical Tailor Double SMG Pouch ( Kydex Inserts)

Warrior Pistol Mag Pouch ( Kydex insert)

BlackHawk Serpa - Commander Style 1911

And heres the embarrassing bit.... Viper duty belt ! had it yonks and it works great though.



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Currently my only rig


Base is a Condor PLB belt with harness in black, pouches etc. all OD


From left to right:


Bulle shotgun shell pouch

Viper single open M4 pouch (for M4 sized speedloader)

Viper double M4 pouch (fits my metal water flask nicely)

Warrior Medium horizontal utility pouch (for ammo bag, bits and bobs)

Warrior adjustable holster (it's the old style one you cant get now, adjustable to take 1911 up to Desert Eagle or MK23)

Warrior small horizontal utility pouch (for SVD magazine and sniper ammo)


Also note the four clips attaching the belt to the harness, these were taken from a 58 Pattern poncho roll, allows me to go with belt only with minimal faff


I am running a complete spring only load out at the moment

SVD-S Spring sniper (working great now, such a solid gun)

Tri shot shorty M3 (rigged with a modified bungie sling so I can carry it on my back and release v fast with a clip across my chest)

TM 1911 springer (surprisingly good for what it is)


I can easily carry everything I need on here for half a days gaming, I have an S10 resi sack for extra water/food if I need to do a full day


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Never be embarrassed by something that works

Aye i shouldnt be. Some Viper kit is upper tat though, seen it fall apart on the skirmish fields !

If what you have works , why go for a more expensive equivalent. I have a mate with a WAS duty belt and he wishes it had the softness of the Viper ones.

Each to their own though , dont want to attract any experts in the field.

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After selling my WAS centurion and my plate carrier with pouches along with parcel farce messing up I realised I have no LBE for this weeks weekender... so i threw this together with the bits i have left:




Tactical tailor MAV with 4 bulle m4 pouches

Black ACM security belt

2 double OSPREY DDPM pouches

WAS dump pouch

OSPREY DDPM medic pouch (speedloader, multitool, spare lipo)


Some random belt pouch (for a camera lens or something?) with some electrical tape to secure 2 sig mags tightly


Ive managed to squeeze a waterbottle inbetween the dumppouch and have added two frag pouches on top of the mav all i need to do now is try and find some suspenders.

Well i hope you like my getto/poor setup!

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HSGI Cobra Riggers belt may fit your need as well.



Here is my HSGI Suregrip BB (Excuse bad photos, having a bad day with my headaches)







This Belt setup is that piece of Kit that makes you want to take your Loadout more seriously (even remotely serious in my case). Looking to test and buy Plate carriers for the new plates I ordered, this is going to get quite pricey..

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You want a MOLLE belt either in the style of the FirstSpear AGB or VTAC that allow the actual inner belt to be threaded outside of the PALS, or one which has openings underneath (Tac Tailor, HSGI, various others).  Just some way of getting to the main belt from the outside.


Examples of each type:





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Got another VTAC/TYR Brokos Belt to complement the one I have in Ranger Green.

- VTAC/TYR Brokos Belt w/ soft armor

- ATS Inner Belt (Will be replaced with a cobra buckled one)

- NFM Double P80 Magazine Pouch

- BFG HW Dump-Pouch

- Benchmade CBK


I will also be adding a Safariland 6354DO on a dropped belt-loop.

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