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Post pics of your Belt Kits

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Finally got my 1st line/belt kit in a stable setup. From left to right:   Emdom-MM CM Belt AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle HSGI Double Decker Taco (x2) TT Grenade Pouch TT Dump Pouch Leatherman MUT P

Thread resurrection ? My current belt kit is a bit of a mixed bag. Emerson clone belt- Left to right ESSTAC KYWI 2+1 Osprey Sharpshooter pouch Osprey AP pouch (modified) BFG Medium utility Ospre

Still trying to figure out a way how to set up my belt.  

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im fooling around with some loadouts for next weeks game, im playing a local militant/mercenary and im suposed to stay away from green and tan witch is pretty hard for me.


anyways this is missing alot of stuff right now(cause its all green or tan) and im still looking on ebay fora good deal on a 6004.

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I get what you're reasoning is, but frankly usually rigger's belts are usually their own thing or used as a standard belt for BDU pants (as I've seen them).


Frankly it's hard to remove or put on with pouches installed. No offense I'd seriously consider a duty belt (you don't even need a pad. But a rigger's belt is just umm...akward.

I might be completely missing your point here man, but a few things I think justify my first line. First, it's for greenside. That means I need to make it as light as possible, if I'm even going to have a first line at all. So two belts would be kind of...impractical. I realize that usually, rigger belts are by themselves, but I've seen a few people (especially in greenside) running a light first line (such as mine) over it. That's another thing; my first line is very light, and I just attach my pouches and such on as I put the belt on, and there's no need to take it off, partially because it's so light.


As for your comments on dropping a first line...that shouldnt ever be considered...the first line is the basic necessary tools to survive, while the second line is what you need to fight. A duty belt is what you need really.

I've heard that dropping a first line would be good for situations like taking a position, and you get a break, and want to take the load off of your waist, but don't want to take off your BDU belt to do so. I wouldn't have that problem because it would be in greenside where you'd never want to drop a first line, plus it's a really light first line, and is completely comfortable.

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A duty belt does not imply you need a belt pad. And a duty belt is not heavier than a riggers belt, in fact it's easier to get on or off, better for weight bearing things like pouches and holsters. A belt pad is something you can add IF YOU WANT, but a duty belt usually comes as just a good belt.


Frankly, there's no good point in using a riggers belt over a duty belt. Sorry.

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Wait a minute, I think we've got a failure to communicate here. Duty belts (i.e., Eagle Duty Belt) can not go through belt loops. That would require me to have two belts. That's what I wanted to avoid. I'm not running this over another belt. This goes through my belt loops, just like a regular riggers' belt would.

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Explain to me WHY you can't run a belt over your BDU/Belt. Sorry that's just bafflingly stupid, no offense. On a riggers belt and pants you'd have to feed it through the loops, removing and adding pouches as you threaded. Ugh, sorry that's just baffling.


Its your call, but a tight duty belt offers no negatives.

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Matt, your on the money with the dropping during a lull, but for a majority of actually working with your gear, having a first line is really feasible for MOUT and CQB operations, not so much with greenside stuff.


I always wear a Riggers Belt (as I would imagine so does everyone else on here who owns one) and I wear my Duty Belt (Eagle one, like you referenced) that holds extra stuff, such as my holster, 2 kydex AR mag shingles (only on there for some instances), a TT dumper and a drop leg with a small GP and 2 DBT midlength shingles for quicker draw. That gear comes in handy, and isnt really feasible to be placed on my second line. Sure, second line holds a lot of ######, but if I need to ditch the plate carrier for any reason at all, I still have a weapon that shoots, if I still have my primary thats 2 to 4 mags left, I havent left a presence of mags lying around, I have a knife, extra tools and I can run with thta for a while.


Thats the first line, the base line necessity, and the best way, the most feasible way is to use a larger width belt that holds all of your gear, and can come on and off with little effort, and if you need to support more ###### on there, use some suspenders as well, I have HSGI suspenders, they are fantastic.


So yes, wear the Riggers, and wear the Duty belt, thats how it goes. You say you want to start doing impressions, youll eventually have to get this stuff to go with your loadout for the look, if you want to take it from the perspective that a lot of members here do. Take it from the practical way in terms of using your gear, and it becomes one of necessity. Use a first line as a last line to stay alive in the real world. So, in retrospect, its not necessary for airsoft, but again, gear comes on and off, that Duty belt makes it easier.

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I think Titleist understands what your saying, and I think he's trying to explain how impractical having things on a rigger are. Its going to make your pants sag like nobody's business. Plus it will be VERY difficult to get on and off.


Eagle duty belts can be found for very cheap. I got mine on ebay for $5.50 brand new


As for the whole greenside thing, you probably wouldn't see a sidearm or first line at all with a recon mission

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Lair, I realize that you probably won't see sidearms in greenside at all. But that's where this 'line' is that I have to figure out what to do. I absolutely *fruitcage* love my 1911. I'm not sure I'd ever want to drop it, especially for an 'impression' just to please gear lords. That's the entire point of getting the Bianchi and getting rid of my 6004. To have my sidearm on me, that I love, yet have it away and to look greenside. I don't want to get a damn duty belt for a dump pouch, knife, and multitool. So just pretend the holster isn't there. I'm not sure what the big deal is here. When would be a case when I would need to quickly get that stuff off? It doesn't prohibit movement. It's comfortable. First aid? Rip the *fruitcage* MCCUUs! There's even a knife on my belt to do that. So getting it on and off wouldn't be a problem, and it's not that bad, really. Again, I'm going for greenside. Two belts are not needed. I've run a quarter mile in this set up, and my pants didn't sag at all. Please carry this conversation on in PMs to me instead of clogging up this thread. Thanks.

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This is a place to post and discuss your first lines, we're discussing your first line. Yeesh.


Honestly, you're not making a good argument against a duty belt. Sorry, it's just goofy. Keep the riggers belt for your normal belt, and get a standard duty belt for your first line. That's not like a gear-###### opinion, it's a practical one.


If you carry a lot of stuff, like for example my first line, then YES you need a duty belt and pad so it doesn't cut into you. But you can just use a normal duty belt for anything else, it's easy to put on and take off, semi-rigid so it bears weight but doesn't cut into you, and doesn't slip around. No offense, but you're bucking against common sense here.

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I think that the point here is that matt wants to do his own thing, regardless of whether or not it's practical or if anyone else does it period. I used to carry things on my pants belt as well, but found it utterly impractical. Everything was under my BDU top and very inaccessible. I'm sure with time he'll figure it out.

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This thread needs more photos. So here's my two SEAL-style first lines, one is desert, one is VBSS/CQB.












Both setups are finished, kit lists are:



-Eagle Duty Belt (khaki)

-Eagle Belt Pad (Khaki)

-2x Eagle MLCS Double 9mm Pouches MJK

-Eagle M60/SAW Pouch MJK

-Tactical Tailor PVS Case

-Eagle MLCS Canteen Pouch MJK

-Safariland 6004 (P226/Surefire P114C)

-SOG Seal Pup

-Gemtech TRL



-Eagle Duty Belt (Black)

-Eagle Belt Pad (Black)

-Black Hawk Omega Elite Quad M4 Drop Leg

-Eagle MLCS Double 9mm Pouch MJK

-Black Hawk E&E Pack

-Eagle MLCS Double Frag Pouch in MJK

-Eagle MLCS Smoke Grenade Pouch in MJK

-SOG Seal Pup

-Black Hawk Pistol Lanyard

-Safariland 6004 (P226/Surefire P114C) / Zip Cuff / ASP Baton & Holster

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Lovely kit Titleist, but I'm wondering, you speak of padding for the duty belt to stop it cutting in, where do you get that? That's the biggest issue I have with my duty at the mo.


Use a belt pad, attaches to the duty belt, and makes life so much more comfy when you've got a bunch of stuff on the first line.

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Wesker, cool first line yourself, I love those painted and striped 6004s. HSGI suspenders on that I'm guessing?


Yeah the big first lines are cool if you balance 'em and are still able to get to your stuff well. The pad is really helpful since with it all fully loaded the CQB first line is 18lbs with mags and frags/smoke/pistol/etc. It's a *badgeress* to put on but once it's all strapped up you really don't notice the weight.


But yeah wesker, cool first line. I've always wanted to know, what's with the pouches with the red straps? A special indicator?

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Ill post some pics when I can, but my 1st line right now:

Eagle Duty Belt OD

TT dumper OD

6004 for Kimber/M3 in CB

mounted kydex AR mag shingle black and sprayed with tan

AITES drop leg panel with RG Eagle GP

Canteen pouch for camelbak canteen


Nothing very complicated right now, need to get some HSGI suspenders and a lanyard for my Kimber.

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Wait a minute, I think we've got a failure to communicate here. Duty belts (i.e., Eagle Duty Belt) can not go through belt loops. That would require me to have two belts. That's what I wanted to avoid. I'm not running this over another belt. This goes through my belt loops, just like a regular riggers' belt would.

I see the point your your trying to get across here Matt. You dont want to wear a belt on your trousers and a belt for your 1st line.

I'm the same I find that the buckles tend to pinch when I have two belts on.

I generally go without a trouser belt and use a duty belt tho instead of using my trouser belt to hang equipment off as when I wear my BDU's and they were intended to be worn the shirt covers any belt pouches.

Another way around it is to wear your trouser belt high around your waist and duty belt low on your hips so the buckles dont meet.



And just so this isnt too off topic my finished 1st line for all skirmish environments (still need another SL tho)


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