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Post pics of your Belt Kits

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Finally got my 1st line/belt kit in a stable setup. From left to right:   Emdom-MM CM Belt AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle HSGI Double Decker Taco (x2) TT Grenade Pouch TT Dump Pouch Leatherman MUT P

Thread resurrection ? My current belt kit is a bit of a mixed bag. Emerson clone belt- Left to right ESSTAC KYWI 2+1 Osprey Sharpshooter pouch Osprey AP pouch (modified) BFG Medium utility Ospre

Still trying to figure out a way how to set up my belt.  

Posted Images

Mine, depending on my mood.


Battlelab Assualt Belt MC

HSGI Suspenders

HSGI Triple Pistol Mag Pouch

Condor Dump Pouch

Battlelab GP Pouch Medium

Battlelab GP Pouch Small

BlackHawk Serpa For P226 W/Molle Adapter




Battlelab Assualt Belt MC

Oakley Assualt Gloves

HSGI Suspenders

HSGI Triple Pistol Mag Pouch

Condor Dump Pouch

Battlelab GP Pouch Medium

Battlelab GP Pouch Small

Safariland 6004 For Glock 18c

Gerber LMF II Knife

Battlelab Frag Pouch


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Cheers guys. I was just wondering as it looks slightly shorter which would fit me better, i know HSGI do a mini one but thats just too small lol.


So im not just spamming, here's mine :D




That's a slick shoulder harness/suspender thingy you got thar... where might someone procure a tasty morsel like that? :D

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Watch out mike, i'm going to make the sexytime with your gearz...

That'll turn into an orgy if your gear was also involved :o


My gear-fu says HSGI... over to you mike

Yep, shes a HSGI. Great holster (Except you need to mod it so it doesnt eject your mags while running)


How slow are my replies....


In the middle of a second first line at the mo, will post pics soon.


On the suject of ICE harness's they are good but I wouldnt recommend buying from them unless you can do it face to face. My last order never arrived, thankfully paypal paid out.

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Spec-Ops Combat Suspenders (foliage)

TAG (I think...?) belt (od)

Blackhawk belt pad (od)

HSGI leg utility pouch (od)

Eagle Slung Weapon catch (od)

TAG Dump Pouch (coyote)

Gemtech Tactical Retention Lanyard (coyote)

HSGI drop holster (od)


I substituted the HSGI suspenders for the Spec-Ops. I have yet to test them out with full gear whilst running around, but they seem a lot more comfortable.


Also, HSGI hat, patches, and Benchmade Rescue Hook.

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Update on my first line :D (still needs some fine tuning)




From the top/ clockwise:


ICE Tactical Suspenders

Blackwater IO Belt

TT Drop Leg Hanger w/ HSGI Drop Leg Panel w/ Gerber LMF II Combat Knife.

TT E&E Pouch

Gemtech Lanyard Coyote

HSGI Double Pistol Mag Pouch

TAG Drop Leg Hanger w/ Safariland 6004 FDE 1911 ( I still need to get a 1911 :blush: )


I plan to put a number of frag/ smoke pouchs on the drop leg :)

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Thought I'd toss up a pic of my rig.




Diamondback Tactical Battlelab Assaulter belt

2 x M4 shingles

1 x M4 double magazine pouch

Generic dump pouch

Maxpedition Mini-Rolly-Polly + Nalgene

Condor accessories pouch

Mil-Spec magazine pouch/holster

Pantac "High Speed Low Drag" suspenders

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  • 2 weeks later...

And for something a little easier on the eyes after the ACU :P heres my reworked firstline




"Bozzer" belt

ESSTac Double

OPS 40mm x 2

Jaimetac Folding dumper

OPS Medium E&E

Emdom pistol


With OPS drop leg platform, Fobus with DL adaptor and a HSGI drop leg (Fobus urban, HSGI woodland)

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Well until they decide to get us new uniforms again i do what i can with what i got haha... Nice looking kit man

Cheers dude, (And dont tell anyone but I'm a secret fan of Digital patterns inc ACU)


How do you find the BW belt? I've got one but the stitching on the molle loops is coming very loose on one side, so switched to the custom one.

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Nice kit everyone.

I actually got fed up with my molle belt and my eagle duty belt, and switched to just using my riggers belt to hold my bianchi m12 and a spare mag. It actually works quite nice when used with a chest rig, and when i feel like just using a shotgun or uzi i attach a medium utility pouch and can throw some mags or shells in it. It gets a little heavy with all of that but not to heavy, and it saves me from the trouble i was having with my other belts.

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I can only guess some people aren't differentiating between a 'first line' and a 'belt kit'.


Too be honest my first lines tend to be 'Direct Action' style. Adding a few more mags to my load, carrying a dump pouch, and a belt for a dropleg holster. Some people go for a more generic setup, couple of pistol mags, a rifle mag, and an E&E kit. I guess its just down to what you like.

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