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Cyma M1A1 Thompson *Real Wood*

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I just wanted to do a quick review of the Cyma M1A1 Thompson *Real Wood* from Land Warrior. To start with this is the third Thompson I have bought, the first was a TM version and although I was happy with it I just never wanted to skirmish it as it seemed a waste. My second was a Cyma ABS version and although I was happy with the finish on the fake wood just did seem to me to be as nice as the TM one I had.


Now we come to my third version the Real Wood Cyma M1A1. To be honest I was not even looking for another Thompson when I ordered my Kalash AK74SU from Land Warrior on Monday. But when it arrived I was impressed with the real wood (my first AEG with real wood).


This got me thinking of the Thompson Land Warrior advertised, so I checked out their site and I noticed they where supplying two hicaps free with certain AEG’s the real wood Thompson been one of them, as part of their Xmas offer. I thought why not two free mags worth the gamble and post free for been over £150 BARGAIN.


So I rang Scott to ask him how long it would take for them to fit and ship it out to me, and I was surprised when he told me that they imported as standard like this and I could have it the next day. That was it came off the phone and ordered it straight away via the website.


3pm the next day my M1A1 is delivered. As soon as I opened it I could see the difference it just looked more realistic and solid. When I picked it up hardly a creak and the fitting of the kit was impressive. Even the pistol grip was well fitted (a mate of mine fitted one of the ACM wood kits himself and it never fit that well and there where huge gaps around the pistol grip).

The Real Wood Thompson just feels right to shoulder no plasticky creaks or taps. The wood grain is nice but I may stain it when I do my Kalash. There is plenty of room for a standard large battery although you will probably have to change the connector in the stock as it is a mini connector.


I have chronoed it and it is approx 350fps with a decent rate of fire. It also seems to sound better with wood kit on (maybe that’s me).


Finally for £160 that’s £40 cheaper than the Tm and only £30 more than the ABS Cyma. I have got a full metal and wood Thompson with 2 free hicaps delivered within 24 hours. Hats off to Land Warrior for a fantastic deal and service, must admit I now buy all my ACM’s from here just so much easier than getting stung by customs which I do not mind to much, but I do hate paying the £15 handling to parcel farce :(

I would definitely give this AEG 9.5 out of 10 (only because I do not give 10’s).


Here some photos I took so you can see how well the kit has been fitted.















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According to Scott at Land Warrior this is what he ordered from his suppliers in Hong Kong, he said that they have them but no one is stocking. Which is odd as they are alot cheaper than buying the Thompson and kit seperately.

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I did my first skirmish with my M1A1 today. Unlike the OP, I bought the gun and wood kit seperately and installed it myself. Total price was £136 posted, after VAT from RSOV.


First shot chrono'd at 363, then it calmed down to 352-353. Rate of fire felt really slow, probably slowed than the real steels speed of 800rpm. Also, the hop seems to do 3/5ths of bugger all to the range. Ill be inspecting it, and adding a H-hop ASAP. As well as putting in a lower power spring to try and improve rate of fire.


This thing is also Louder Than Hell. But overall, I really like it. The CYMA hicaps all feed perfectly and the gun didnt miss a beat all day.


Overall Im pleased. 8/10, but would be 9/10 if the ROF was better.

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As I suspected, my hop-up wasnt working - it had been misinstalled.


If you have a hop that doesnt work, do this (sorry, no pics...its dark and I dont have a good camera):


- Take the upper receiver off as Darklite showed with his review.

- You will see the hop retained by 2 screws. Carefully undo these

- Pull the hop back - you will need to lift it slightly over 2 spars inside the gun. BE CAREFUL, its only plastic.


You will now have the hop and barrel. If there is a little arm on the bottom that moves on its own, it has been badly installed. The thinner part at the front needs to be inside the hop-turn-wheel (you will see a concentric spiral inside it that activates the hop). If yours is outside, continue:


- The hop as a screw on one side. Undo it and it will come off along with a cover.

- Inside a little gold pin should pretty much fall out. This is the pivot for the hop arm.

- Put the arm back so that the thinner part is inside the concentric spiral on the hop adjuster wheel.


- Reassemble.

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I think this review might just have tipped me over the edge, I always fancied a Thompson and now it looks like I'm going to end up with one. All I need to do now is to work out where to get a WW2 outfit to go with it.

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looks excellent... one thing that constantly surprised me about thompsons is how big they are for an SMG.



Looks incredible, however... especially for a CYMA. All the chinese companies have really stepped it up a notch.

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