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Pictures Of Yourself In The Field Or At A Game

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9 times out of 10, we don't have a Marshal.

Geez, you know, if you stopped putting so much effort into whining and arguing and, instead, channeled that energy into actually achieveing something you'd probably be a playboy millionaire genius by now. :rolleyes:


Here's two suggestions for you:-

1) If no photographer is available, take turns.

2) Don't post in this thread if you don't have suitable pictures.


Two wild and crazy suggestions that are off-the-wall and outside-the-box but MIGHT JUST WORK if you apply yourself with the same level of dedication that you apply to "sticking it to da man".

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The guy on the right has got my everlasting respect!


This is me in a skirm somewhere in September.




This is in an old monastry somewhere in June: (more nice pics of that fabulous skirm here)




Me an a teammate during the briefing that skirm:




(the two with jeans and green hoodie)


Yup, I'm anti-gear.

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A few from Rednal


Pyro being a posing whor£ as usual




Marzis, mum called him mid battle



Ranger setting up the claymore as a last ditch to defend the nuke warheads.



Ranger getting medical attention off Pyro



Me in my SDUs laying down covering fire.



And the final push on the enemy to clear the landing zone so our team could extract with the recovered nuke warheads.




And theres aload of me in the multicam thread in my multicam set up from earlier in that day before i changed into the SDUs.



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