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Pictures Of Yourself In The Field Or At A Game

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1st Shooter: What is that camo you're wearing and where do I get some? That looks perfect for where I play when it's wet out ((Which is often enough)).



its danish M84 camo matey. heres a ebay shop for reference its not where i buy my camo from so i would shop around but it gives you an idea http://search.stores.ebay.co.uk/PEELYSCOMB...4376643QQsofpZ0

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Yesterday @ Unreal Airsoft.


Kneeling with Thompson pic is before gaming, hence no eye protection. Others all in-game.


No cap badge because I didnt earn it, so I wont wear it.


Now waiting for Gadge to pop up and pick me to pieces HAHA


Looks wicked to me mate.


If i was going to be a total stitch counter i'd say two things.


1) webbing belt needs to be tighter and could do with all being reblancoed to get it the same colour.


2) Get a cap badge of a 'dead' disbanded regiment, you'll be doing them a tribute and making your kit look sharper without offending any one... recce corps is a good 'dead' badge and fits with airborne.


Other than that sound, you can join our mob anyday.




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My team does some OPFOR work for local NY State Army National Guard units. Here are some pics from our recent training exercise:


OPFOR at the Staging Area - I'm on the far left with the Mk43 :D



Laying in wait for the Humvee Column to come through (two different evolutions)


The Trap is sprung!!


Me using my "lite" gun... CA M249





The shoe on the other foot so to speak - my opinion on Mounted Infantry operations - F that!!! I'd rather walk...


I think the recruits learned some valuable lessons and had a good time :D

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Just an additional note:

You will notice that non of my OPFOR team is wearing "uniforms". This is by design (normally we're not this rag tag ;) ).

Since we are operating with actual service personnel, I find it easier to keep it clear that we are civis, so that we don't accidentally offend anyone not directly involved in the training. There's nothing worse than a ###### off Rupert causing trouble because one of my guys didn't show the proper military courtesies.


Something to think about when wearing gear and BDUs in proximity to the folks who really do the job...

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recent skirmish in Texas (i love multicam)


Hey, is that PBZ? Just taking a guess since you say it's in Texas, and it has that muddy parking lot...


And guys, no mags in in the safe zone :waggle:. BTW if that's a HA game you really shouldn't be on the field with jeans...

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recent skirmish in Texas (i love multicam)


this picture says alot to me


because i always seem to be the guy that is WAY overdressed for the occasion

or i always seem to be the guy that is WAY underdressed for the occasion


im never number 1 or number 3

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haha that's me in the tri colour and black with the camera :)

I looked at the first two and thought "wow that site looks just like Elite" haha


heres what I was shooting that day...



that shot was taken just after the shot in the post above... you can see the guy next to me :)








not me in the field I know, but it felt relevant after that last post :)

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