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Pictures Of Yourself In The Field Or At A Game

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Cheers, i got my kobra from Tantal who where the cheapest i could find anywhere! its the version 3 one that uses AA batteries which is handy! If you email the guy on Tantal he'll give you a price list, think mine was about $190 or something but cant remember as it was a while ago!

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I thought this was interesting.


I got this ghillie suit a little while back, decided to refresh my memories on how it looks.


The rifle I am holding is my bro's M14 sniper... hehe i love holding that beast ;)










Wooo pistol action!


If anyone is interested, the ghillie suit is for sale.

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Should be but its airsoft, and im a natural lefty, no chance of me getting a mouth full of hot brass or cocking handle like in the TA (which is were i hold it in the right shoulder)


Full explaination in post 1150 of the thread that Chris u'5 linked us all to. Thanks Chris



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