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Pictures Of Yourself In The Field Or At A Game

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helmet looks kind of plain

but then again i know nothing of KCT


everything he wears on the pictures are real expect the AEG-gun parts.... but gear, clothing and everyhing is real. you could suit him with real guns and he'd fit right in with real commando's...


the plain helmet, normall... IRL the guys got it all strapped and filled but for the impression he based the gear on a demonstration givven by the commando's in the town of Delft... the looked excactly like this, incl. the shotgun.

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Surprised by the sudden appearance of a cameraman.




Celebrating my 800th birthday.




And look at the fail of that sansei facemask. I can actually bite it when it's on.




Billy gets embarrassed when my weapon is in his face, but he can't help but open his mouth. :D

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Lol, you gotta love all the acu with one random guy wearing multicam. Was he on the other team or just a rebel?


lol, no he was on our team. If I remember correctly it was supposed to be ACU vs. Woodland & Marpat. A couple people showed up in MC and played with the ACU team. :rolleyes:

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