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Pictures Of Yourself In The Field Or At A Game

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Finally! A decent shot of me in-game!




Ooh, I forgot we had another cameraman! Unfortunately, these were kinda blurry...




And then me using a teammates gun to peek around a corner (he was a lefty, I'm righty):




In fact, here's him using my gun (and me with his in the background):



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yes its a KA fullsized fnfal


Is the FAL super heavy without the rails? Kind been debateing getting one, but dont want anything to heavy. Are the mags around M14 size (Wideness and thickness wise)? I know your used to carrying huge guns, so I asked.


Wish a good review of the KA FAL was out. Every review I see are from non milsim style players.

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Me falling on my *albartroth* after lobbing the briefcase containing the bomb disarm codes into a safe spot. I was promptly hosed down, courtesy of the desert team at AWA Longmoor on the 16th of some month at some point this year. I cant' remember lol.

Cheers to Karl Royal for the piccies.

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