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Pictures Of Yourself In The Field Or At A Game

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Thanks for posting your pic fatal, I been looking for that exact pic for a while.


I needed to see what the "od" tad jacket + marpat pants + tan gear looks like, and the cherry on the top was your balaclava thing, which I have too.


Lol so now that I see that, I am thinking I do not know to go OD or ME brown, I was thinking me brown but now that I see that it looks pretty good..Ugh decisions :[!

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Where did you got it (Timor patches)?


I lived there 12 months during the killing massacres, and i've got lots of millitary stuff from them.








PS: Sorry the off topic guys, but everytime that someone talks in East Timor, for me I almost cry... i lived there very bad moments in my live but i love that people and land.

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I took them on by request from a Timorese friend who was on a study visa in the US. She had plenty of bad experiences there, especially with the Kopassus behaviour during the secession.


I had them made locally at an embroidery shop, taken from pictures I found of FALINTIL guerrillas off the net and double checked with Maria.

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