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Pictures Of Yourself In The Field Or At A Game

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it's all about fun,and I pity people that don't understand that...

because to some people airsoft is not their entire life,and we like to joke around, and have our internal jokes,which people don't understand as I see...sad...


i understand da feelin my main man. i live fa airsoft but i live fa wicked too. yous know me bruva. croatia all da way. check yous next time on da field. for real yours, akinnen.




yous check me in canadian camo set. i use m4, but armailte is dig toy gun, ak47 is fa da ardcore bruvers.







get notice to my bit*hs geeza smile at dis photo


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yeah, until I took so much plastic death to the side of the face I had to take the last few steps of my charge with my eyes squeezed shut. lol.


this would have worked better with some support.


What stance is that called, because it sure isn't called a combat glide.

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