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Manufacturer: Eye Safety Systems (ESS)


Series: Profile Series Goggles


Model: Profile NVG's


Colors: Black (shown), Desert tan, and foliage green


Cost: Official site: $95., Tactical-Store.com: $85.


Official Specs:Here.


Okay, I actually picked a pair of these up used a while back. For $7. Yeah, I know, great deal. The lens was scratched, among other things, but the goggles themselves were in tip top shape. Recently I picked up a new lens for them ($7.50), and these are all I've used since.





Okay, of course.. Pics.


Goggles, front view.



Goggles, back view. Includes SpeedSleave protector in shot. The speed sleave is attached to the strap, and slides over the googles to protect the lens whenever you take them off, or put them in your bag.



Goggles, top view.




Me, wearing the goggles. They are surprising comfortable.





The original lens was scratched, but also, the guy had taken a drill and drilled small holes around the sides of the lens for ventilation. I took my kjw mk1, and shot the lens 8 times in various places. The gun shoots at around 420fps using propane. After those eight shots, there were several more cracks, but it never actually broke. To be fair, the lens was well over a year old.


Old lens



Can you see the cracks? Look in the center.



Overall, these are well worth the buy. These beat the cheap Jt masks and goggles by a long shot. But I would recommend shopping around, these are very pricey straight off the site. Perhaps ebay or pricegrabbers.com would have some better prices on these. Beyond that, I've seen several pairs of ESS goggles, and each one impressed me. Any one of their products would be a good choice.


Update: I picked up a pair of ESS Striker Land Ops goggles at a gun show. These are just as good as the other pair, but bigger. I haven't decided which pair I like better, I kind of switch off.


Found in original context, here.

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These are the same goggles they issued to use before my deployment to Afghanistan. I've used them in training and in combat environments in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are absolutely the worst pair of goggles I have ever owned, and I've owned quite a few. Small amounts of exertion will cause them to fog up heavily (hence, I suppose, the reason for the drilling). They're uncomfortable after any period of wearing, and the allow sweat to drip straight into your eyes. I've never used them for airsofting, but the range training I've done with them on when we were required to wear them is comparable to an airsoft game, and after that, I never would.


Besides the comfort and performance, they're goofy looking when not worn with a helmet. They're really wide, which makes them fit well when wearing a helmet (the wide frame helps the strap wrap better around your helmet), but makes you look goofy when you're wearing them alone.


My suggestion is that if you can pick up a pair for $7 like bat has, go for it, but I'll warn you: there's a reason they were sold to him for less than one tenth their original price: they're awful.

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You have to take into consideration that issued goggles usually are raped to hell and back, without good maintenance. The anti-fog capabilities on the lense wear out (especially if there's no thermal lense) after a pretty short time. How the goggles fit and perform in extreme conditions - that I won't argue because you have first hand experience from Afghanistan. Just a note when it comes to the fogging problem. :)

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I too had a pair of these when I went to Iraq. Hokus Pokus is right, they sucked. Hard. Mine were brand spanking new out of the box. They would not stop fogging, no matter what we put on them. Everything from dish soap to commercial products specifically for goggles.


When I got home I tossed them in a deployment bag and haven't seen them since.

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I have had some fogging problems when using them. Usually I'll just throw some of that Rain-X on the lens before I play. I'll wear them right before the match and let them fog. Then, I'll take them off. When I wear them playing they won't fog. Kind of weird, but it has worked for me.


I'm thinking about adding a laptop fan to the Striker goggles. That will be cheaper than turbofans, but still work decently.

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