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Both Elephant Type 89 Review

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Wow, still not in ANY US stores or online retailers that I can find, but it is in hong cong for $99 USD

Compared to TM's $412 USD pricetag... I'll hapily take flakey paint for $313 savings...


P.S. heres the links Im getting the price/info from


BE Type 89



TM Type 89


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I honestly can't comment on the SIG but the BE type 89 is a rather good gun.My mate has one & used it in one of the games we attended.Easily equating to a high end gun.Useable in a skirmish with range & accuracy.In fact he has a telescope on his gun & with that he's able to place his shots with a great deal of accuracy.I thought that it wasn't my type of gun until i saw it in a firefight.

I'm seriously considering buying the gun & the BDUs http://www.royaltigergear.com/product_info...products_id=441


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I took it apart last night.


It has improved since this review and is EASILY better built than any CA gun I've ever opened.


It is rivaling G&P in terms of quality.


I'd never expect BE to be capable of this...

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